Push Mind and Body Announces the Next PUSH @ The Hox (Holborn) on January 23rd 2016

Cate Murden, founder of PUSH Mind and Body created the luxury wellness retreat because it was exactly the kind of place that she wanted to go to but wasn’t currently available. In her ‘previous life’, she worked in media for 16 years. Her career and lifestyle were busy and fun but also equally stressful. She was the very epitome of work hard and play hard. After attending a traditional boot camp back in January 2014 and loving it but recognising that there was so much more.

London, United Kingdom, November 25, 2015 --(PR.com)-- Cate loved the idea of a special place, which was all about looking after yourself, focusing on your wellbeing and inspiring you to realise and achieve your dreams! A space which would give you time out from your day to day; where you were truly present and had permission to be selfish; thinking just about you – even if just for a moment.

There would be lots of ‘good stuff’ – exercise and clean eating that would help you look and feel great – shifting that unwanted half a stone or finally stopping that wobble! However, she wanted it go so much deeper than that: a chance to focus on what would make you truly happy.

This could be anything from planning your ideal body or maintaining a healthy lifestyle or maybe changing career or considering a move abroad… Maybe even making a big decision about a relationship. Whatever you worked out you wanted in your life, most importantly, PUSH will give you all the tools you need to go on to turn those dreams into a reality when you left.

And that’s where we arrive at PUSH, which is so much more than ‘just a boot camp’. PUSH have pulled together Coaches in four core disciplines, in order to create the perfect toolkit for you: Even in 4-short days, they know they can empower clients to change their worlds, be the best that they can be and feel like they can achieve anything.

The unique PUSH process is called FANS. This stands for:

Focus - Coaching to help you work out what your goal is and then create a realistic plan of how you will achieve it

Aware – Mindfulness, so you learn how to live more ‘presently’; find your calm, deal with stress and feel so much happier

Nourish – work with a Nutritionist to deal with any dietary issues and learn how to nourish yourself to feel and look at your very best

Stimulate – exercise with a brilliant trainer to get you looking brilliant but also releasing endorphins so that you flick a mental switch, feel positive and in the right mindset to create real change

Cate says "I’m really proud of the special place that we’ve created and the team that I am working with. We can’t wait to welcome you to our home and get you started on your journey, which we will support you on every step of the way – even after you leave us."

Prices start from £895, for more details and reservations contact -
Sarahjane Baynes at sj@blondeandblackpublicity.com
Push Mind and Body Ltd
Cate Murden
02036 930329