eZ Systems is Proud to Announce the Release of eZ Components Version 2007.2, the Fifth Major Version of the eZ Components PHP Library

eZ Systems, the world’s leading Open Source Enterprise Content Management (ECM) company, today announced the release of two important new tools in the eZ Components suite: Tree and Webdav.

Skien, Norway, December 19, 2007 --(PR.com)-- eZ Components is an enterprise-ready general-purpose PHP components library that can be used independently or together for PHP application development. The eZ Components tool set provides a suite of high-quality building blocks that enhance functionality while reducing development risk.

The Tree component enables you to create, manipulate and query tree structures. For example, a tree structure might be an abstraction of the structure of a website that expresses the relationship between site objects. The Tree component supports multiple database storage techniques and also supports storage via persistent objects.

The Webdav component enables users to upload and download content by dragging and dropping files and folders to and from the desktop. With a WebDAV-enabled HTTP server built from eZ Components, you can provide your site visitors with a simple mechanism for accessing and updating batches of content (such as images, video files and text objects). The Webdav component is a stand-alone implementation that does not have any external dependencies.

This release of eZ Components also includes enhancements to existing components:

- The Authentication component provides better OpenID support with the addition of "immediate" mode (which provides a better user experience by preventing browser redirects).

- The Graph component includes a new stacked bar chart display type.

- The Mail component includes more SMTP authentication mechanisms (DIGEST-MD5, CRAM-MD5, NTLM and LOGIN).

- The Cache component now includes support for APC and memcache back- ends, which can dramatically increase cache performance.

*About eZ Components*
eZ Components is an enterprise-ready, general-purpose PHP components library. It is used independently or together for PHP application development. As a collection of high quality independent building blocks, eZ Components will both speed up development and reduce risks. An application can use one or more components effortlessly as they all adhere to the same naming conventions and follow the same structure. This collection of almost 40 quality components includes database abstraction and persistence layer, a graphing component, a template system and an email parser and generator.

*About eZ Systems*
Founded in 1999, eZ Systems is the world's largest Open Source Content Management software company with offices in Norway, Denmark, Germany, Ukraine, Belgium, France and North America. With customers such as the United States Navy, Oslo University, Telemark University, Swissfirst, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Elle, Vogue and Orange Telecom, eZ Systems is the creator of eZ Publish, an award winning Open Source Content Management System with 2 million downloads, more than 150,000 installations and registered users in more than 130 countries. The eZ philosophy of openness and information sharing is still the basic guideline for the company, employees and Ecosystem.

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