Bring a New Taste to the Table for Your Next Holiday Event

Pomegranate Wine offers a twist for entertaining this holiday season.

Raleigh, NC, December 19, 2007 --( For those who get tired of serving the same ordinary wine at each holiday function, Ararat Import Export has a tasty solution. Unlike other wines that list pomegranates on the label, Ararat’s Semi Sweet Pomegranate Wine is imported from Armenia and is one of the few wines made of 100% pomegranates.

“Other wines may contain some pomegranate flavor mixed with grapes, but our wine is made only from pomegranates, we macerate the entire pomegranate – seeds and all,” said Edgar Vardanian, co-founder of Ararat Import Export, LLC.

“Although the wine is fruit forward, there is no added sugar, so it has a nice dry finish,” added Heather Eberhardt, co-founder of Ararat Import Export, LLC. “We recommend serving the wine chilled, or making a holiday punch by mixing two bottles of Pomegranate Wine with two bottles of a dry champagne.”

Research studies show pomegranates offer some health benefits. Pomegranates contain vitamin C, folic acid, and numerous antioxidants. Doctors often recommended antioxidants because of the way they help cells to function correctly. In addition, antioxidants have been shown to aid the healing of wounds, bolstering the immune system, and working as an anti-inflammatory.

Ararat’s Pomegranate Wine may be purchased at Whole Foods, World Market, Publix, Fresh Market, Kroger and Harris Teeter. Currently, Ararat Import Export sells its wine through distributors in NC, SC, GA, CA, WI, AZ, TX, TN, LA, CO, FL, MN, IL, IN, CT, VA, MD and Washington, DC.

About Ararat Import Export Company
Ararat Import Export Company was founded in 2003 by husband and wife team, Edgar Vardanian and Heather Eberhardt. Since bringing pomegranate wine cultivated from Armenia to the East Coast, Ararat has added a variety of wines to its distribution list. The company continues to sell its semi-sweet pomegranate wine and adds new distributors and distribution sites across the US as the company expands. For more information, visit

Melanie Daryani