CRCSI Signs MoU with Geospatial Media and Communications

Melbourne, Australia, November 27, 2015 --( Geospatial Media and Communications (GMC) and Cooperative Research Centre for Spatial Information (CRCSI) have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to enhance cooperation in their area of outreach.

Both organizations have expressed their desire to utilize their experience to engage in outreach activities to broaden the scope of for the benefit of spatial sciences and research to a broader community worldwide. Through this collaboration, the organizations will cooperate in the various areas of Geospatial technologies such as Surveying, Spatial data management and Remote Sensing Analysis and in their applications in industries of importance to national economies such as Agriculture, Defense, Utility, Health, Disaster Management, Climate Change, among others.

As agreed in the MoU, CRCSI will enable Geospatial Media in taking forward its research innovations to a wider audience and provide first hand access to related reports for GMC’s media platforms. Geospatial Media on its part will enable wider reach to CRCSI’s research and innovation outcomes through its conferences at global and regional levels, its print magazine Geospatial World and video platform GeoBuiz.

“Collaboration with CRCSI is landmark development towards pursuing forward our vision of ‘Making difference through geospatial knowledge in world economy and society.’ Technology and business environment we live in today is in constant transformation, offering exciting opportunities to geospatial professionals. Through this strategic partnership, Geospatial Media would facilitate outreach and scalability of spatial sciences related research innovations at CRCSI and its adoption across different end user communities worldwide, further enabling commercialization and entrepreneurial engagement between research, industry and end user communities,” said Sanjay Kumar, CEO, GMC.

"I am very pleased with the new collaboration between two innovative-driven organizations. I see great potential in working closely together,” said Dr Peter Woodgate, CEO, CRCSI.


CRCSI is an international research and development centre set up in 2003 under the Business Cooperative Research Centres Programme. It conducts user-driven research in spatial information that addresses issues of national importance that is recognized worldwide. We also perform commissioned research projects for key clients. Its partners include federal and state government agencies, universities and over 50 companies.

About Geospatial Media

Geospatial Media and Communications is an internationally accredited organization, having committed itself to serve stakeholders of geospatial community and work towards opening new era of industrialization and productization, while facilitating collaboration and demonstrating value and benefits of geospatial technology and information for governance, businesses and people.

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