iMindQ Online, the Main Collaboration and Brainstorming Tool During Startup Weekend Skopje 2015, Powered by Google for Entrepreneurs

Malmoe, Sweden, November 28, 2015 --( Seavus, an international software development and consulting company, supported the 5th annual Startup Weekend Skopje, powered by Google for Entrepreneurs.

The innovative and creative mind mapping application developed by Seavus, iMindQ Online, was the tool used by all participants during the Startup Weekend Skopje 2015, to collaborate, brainstorm and complete the challenge to develop the best ideas.

The Startup Weekend, powered by Google for Entrepreneurs, is a global network of passionate leaders and entrepreneurs on a mission to inspire, educate, and empower individuals, teams and communities.

The teams where using iMindQ Online during the weekend to brainstorm and collaborate in real-time on their innovative ideas for the challenge. iMindQ Online enabled them to cooperate with each other and develop ideas using mind maps, concept maps and flowcharts. The participants were also able to save their work on Google Drive and present their ideas using the one-click presentation option.

iMindQ Online’s collaboration mode resembles the well-known collaboration mode in Google Docs and uses the Google’s real-time API for simultaneous collaboration, thus providing users with the freedom to build and develop their synergetic ideas together. Users can choose their collaborators and also set the permissions to collaborate or read-only, if they choose only to share a preview of their mind map.

iMindQ Online version 3.0 introduces a whole new approach to sharing ideas and knowledge, by providing users with an option to export their mind maps into an interactive HTML format. This interactive HTML mind map format, which can be opened by any browser, edited and saved again in the same interactive format, holds the changes made within the browser itself. The interactive HTML mind maps created with iMindQ Online 3.0 can be shared with anyone and users can build upon ideas or share knowledge, without the need to have the native program.

iMindQ Online continues to support knowledge sharing and innovation, by aiming to provide users with a compact tool for collaboration, development and visual representation of ideas.

Users can try a free demo of iMindQ Online on the following link:

To learn more about iMindQ Online, visit:

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