Electronic-Music Duo Offers Its Live Act on eBay

The “Makers of Sense” will perform anywhere in the U.S.A. at the highest bidder’s 2008 New Year's Eve event or celebration. Bids start at only one thousand dollars... plus shipping and handling.

Chicago, IL, December 19, 2007 --(PR.com)-- An electronic-music duo from Chicago is taking the internet music business to a whole new level by offering their live act on eBay to the highest bidder. The name of the band is the Makers of Sense, and they are determined to make more sense of the performance market by using new technologies to bring their show directly to the audiences.

“We see our act as powerful, interesting, and entertaining”, said Brother El, one of the two members of the band, “and people have loved every one of our shows”. But the Makers of Sense believe that the performance market, just like many other aspects of the entertainment business, is controlled by insiders who push a few artists by spending millions in promotion. “People like new, energetic, and original shows, but they are often enticed into overpaying for a familiar tune rather than trying new things”, said Cristian Huepe, a.k.a. labo_labs, the other member of the Makers of Sense duo, who holds a PhD in physics and shares his time between research in complex systems and projects as a musician and producer. “The music market then becomes a self-fulfilled prophecy, where the successful artists are those who can invest in giant advertising and promotion budgets”, he concluded.

The Makers of Sense decided to skip the intermediate players, using the power of the Internet to reach directly a larger audience of event organizers. “Thousands of people are putting together shows or parties for the ’08 New Year’s Eve,” Brother El said. “This is a very large potential market for emerging bands.” But in today’s performance market only a few artists receive high compensations while a large number of acts barely cover their expenses. “The differences in show prices are astounding,” Huepe added. The Makers of Sense started offering today to the highest bidder a performance of their 12xSS (twelve times superior sound) tour show on December 31st for a New Year’s Eve event anywhere in the U.S.A. The bidding started at 1,000.00 US$ plus shipping and handling (the price of 2 Airplane tickets from Chicago to the show location). The performance is listed under “Electronic-Music Live-PA Show for '08 New Year’s Eve” in the Everything Else – Weird Stuff – Slightly Unusual category, under item number 280185095576.

The Makers of Sense are Brother El and Cristian Huepe. Together, they fuse energies to create radical bodies of music that combine unusually warm electronica, hip hop, house, trance, dub, live instrumentation and urban elements with new styles yet to be coined. Their live-PA show uses laptops and machines to produce an original, interesting, energetic, and dance-friendly performance that has been presented with great success in national and international venues, events, and festivals. The release of the band’s debut album Shallow Enough to Drown is scheduled for June 2008.

Information: http://www.makersofsense.com
Contact: info@makersofsense.com
Phone: 312-543-3001

Cristian Huepe
312-261-5566, 312-543-3001