Need an Entourage?

Textpert Ltd launches Entourage Angels, advice from your entourage direct to your mobile.

Brighton, United Kingdom, December 20, 2007 --( Textpert Ltd is launching Entourage Angels.

It’s every girls dream to live like a celebrity. We all look at the A Listers and mega rich, read about them in the press and watch the programmes about their lavish lifestyles, imagining that one day all that could be ours, a life full of all the luxuries you could ever think of. All you need to do is either design a computer programme, be born into royalty, release a top ten hit or become a waif and get spotted at all the right parties, wearing the right dress, with the right partner on your arm.

Forget the great big house, private yacht and bank balance in the millions and think about what the one thing all these celebs have that make their lives so different from the rest of us? An Entourage, of course.

With a Personal Shopper to fill their wardrobe with all the latest fashions, a Personal Trainer to ensure they look svelte and healthy all year round, a Beautician on hand whenever they fancy a facial, Spiritualists and a Life Coach offering guidance, Party Planners to guarantee theirs is the place to be seen and even Relationship Experts they can turn to for advice on their love life and the dating scene. Janet Francis, 25, creator of Entourage Angels explains ‘Entourage Angels is aimed at all of us who want to have the Celeb Lifestyle but can’t afford it and offer all of these services sent direct to your mobile phone at around £1.50 a week, a price we can all afford.’

The Entourage Angels are available now to help bring the glitz and glamour to your life.


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