Speaking of NEC Podcast Featuring Neonatal Ergonomics Expert Yamile Jackson Recently Launched

Produced by The Morgan Leary Vaughan Fund, and funded by The Petit Family Foundation, Speaking of NEC is a series of one-on-one conversations with relevant Necrotizing Enterocolitis (NEC) experts-neonatologists, clinicians and researchers-that highlights current prevention, diagnosis, and treatment strategies for NEC, and the search for a cure.

Milford, CT, December 03, 2015 --(PR.com)-- Ep. 9: Developmental Care in the NICU-Perspectives from Yamile Jackson, PhD, PE, PMP

Episode 9 features Yamile Jackson, expert parent, Founder and CEO of Nurtured by Design, and award-winning inventor/designer of The Zaky and the Kangaroo Zak. During the episode, Yamile provides a comprehensive overview of Kangaroo Care and ergonomics as related to premature infants and the NICU environment. Yamile also shares her son Zachary’s story of prematurity and survival including a near fatal encounter with a natural disaster during his NICU stay, and how their experience led her to found Nurtured by Design—the first in its class, global leader in neonatal ergonomics. She discusses:

The premature birth of her son Zachary at 28 weeks,
How Zachary had to be kept alive by hand for 9 hours after Tropical Storm Allison shut down their hospital,
How hers and her family’s experience with prematurity led her to invent The Zaky and the Kangaroo Zak,
The clinical evidence showing a 50% reduction in apnea and bradycardia events with the use of The Zaky, no events with the use of a maternally-scented Zaky, and 30 times more effective self-regulation with the use of a maternally-scented Zaky,
The importance of developmental care and family-centered care in the NICU.

Episode 9 recently launched, and is available to listen to, or download, at www.morgansfund.org/speaking-of-nec-episode-9 or on iTunes.

This episode was produced in part by the TeacherCast Educational Broadcasting Network. For more information about Speaking of NEC or The Morgan Leary Vaughan Fund, visit morgansfund.org.

About The Morgan Leary Vaughan Fund, Inc.
The Morgan Leary Vaughan Fund (Morgan’s Fund) is an all-volunteer, public charity dedicated to Necrotizing Enterocolitis (NEC). Its mission is to promote public awareness about NEC and the potentially devastating effects it can have on preemies and their families, and to advance research to prevent, diagnose, treat, and ultimately, cure NEC. Named after Morgan, it celebrates his survival, courage and strength.

Morgan and his twin brother were born at 28 weeks, one day gestation—nearly three months early—each weighing less than 2.5 pounds. At four days old, Morgan developed NEC and lost approximately 20% of his small intestine. Morgan not only survived but has also thrived since his bout with NEC. This is his family’s way of paying it forward.

About The Petit Family Foundation
The Petit Family Foundation honors the memories of Jennifer Hawke-Petit, Hayley Elizabeth Petit and Michaela Rose Petit by continuing the kindness, idealism and activism that defined their lives. The Foundation’s funds are given to foster the education of young people, especially women in the sciences; to improve the lives of those affected by chronic illnesses; and to support efforts to protect and help those affected by violence.

About Yamile Jackson, PhD, PE, PMP
Consultant, trainer, pioneer & global leader in life sciences successfully applying ergonomics and safety engineering to humanize the care of babies and provide family centered developmental care for every newborn (healthy, ill, or premature) reducing cost, improve healthcare outcomes and improve family/patient satisfaction. All without expensive equipment, medication/stimulants or invasive procedures.

Inventor of The Zaky, the only family centered developmental care and evidence-based device for babies in the market today. Results of the independent randomized research at the Regional Medical Center of Central Georgia (funded by Georgia College) suggest that, for the babies in the study (24-38 wk gestation), The Zakys significantly improved self-regulation/organization, & reduced to Zero the apnea/bradycardia (imperative for sleep) – The groundbreaking results presented at APHA’s Annual Conference: http://fwd4.me/05oI and at NANN 2012.

Designer of the Kangaroo Zak: secures baby during skin-to-skin sessions and facilitates safe, hands-free, prolonged, and ergonomic environment for baby and adult in hospitals and home.
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