Vice Mayor-Joseph Casello of Boynton Beach Supports GBDC Entrepreneurship Institute with Scholarship for the Kid-Preneur Leadership Academy

Scholarship and Community Partnerships Give Students in Boynton Beach and Surrounding Communities a Chance to Experience the Kid-Preneur Leadership Academy During Winter Break from School.

Boynton Beach, FL, December 04, 2015 --( While most of us are doing last minute shopping for gifts, decorating the house for visitors, and worrying what to do with the kids during winter break from school; some South Florida students will be designing and running their own city.

“It takes a Village,” as the saying goes and 10-15 very lucky future leaders and entrepreneurs ages 10-15 are going to have an opportunity of lifetime. Through the efforts of the GBDC Entrepreneurship Institute and a grant provided by Boynton Beach Vice-Mayor Joseph Casello from his allotted discretionary fund, South Florida youth will receive a formidable foundation on which to build financially viable lives and successful careers. Vice-Mayor Joseph Casello, became aware of the programs provided by the GBDC Entrepreneurship institute while attending this summer’s Youth Entrepreneurship Training and Business Plan Competition. During the program graduation, eleven participants presented their final business plans to a panel of judges, family members and community stakeholders. “The poise, dedication and professionalism displayed by the youth exceeded their age and made me an instant fan,” said Vice-Mayor Casello. The generous contribution made by Vice Mayor Casello will provide ten Boynton Beach participants with a fifty percent scholarship.

The Kidpreneur Leadership Academy is a fun and engaging learning platform where young participants develop and run a run simulated city. “This is experiential learning at its purest,” said Annette Gray President/Founder of the GBDC Entrepreneurship Institute. Gray continued, “the role-playing, interaction with community professionals and trips to the place they learn about during the simulation makes the Kid-Preneur Leadership Academy an excitement-packed learning experience.” “Imagine the mistakes you would have avoided as an adult if you were taught at an early age the pitfalls of excessive credit, not having a budget, not saving, and not developing and managing a life plan,” said Hubert McIntosh, GBDCEI Board Chair and the Financial Literacy facilitator for the program.

Each Monday morning Kid-Preneur elections determine the roles of each participant for the week. The remain remaining days, learning activities are reinforced with guest speakers and trips to the local city hall, fire department, hospital, university, airport and community businesses. In a fast-paced, vibrant environment, the kids will develop leadership and interpersonal skills while dealing with various life-learning challenges such as: budget management, college admittance, opening bank accounts, resolving credit issues and many other unexpected obstacles and situations. “At Kid-Preneur Leadership Academy, we believe in the benefits of encouraging experiential learning that engages the entire child. Our Participants learn by exploring, experiencing and addressing real-life situations. They learn to think, explore, and act. We include money games designed to teach financial lessons, guest speakers and field trips that show them a real city at work,” said Annette Gray, President / Founder of the GBDC Entrepreneurship Institute.

Registration for the program closes on December 11, 2016. The Program duration is seven days starting at 7:30 AM and ending at 5:30 PM. The program begins on December 21st and ends on January 4th with Christmas Eve, Christmas, New Year’s Eve, New Years and weekends omitted. The program cost is $100. Scholarship recipients pay a reduced amount of $50. To request a registration from please call 561-894-4500 or send an E-mail to

About GBDCEI Entrepreneurship Institute:
GBDC Entrepreneurship Institute is a non-profit organization, whose mission is the development of social entrepreneurs through training, business coaching and small business technical assistance. Emphasis is placed on young entrepreneurs, to aid in the reduction of school dropout rates and the increase in employability skills and job creation. Our Board at GBDCEI consists of financial strategist Hubert McIntosh, Attorney and Certified Contractor, Alterraon Phillips, Digital Marketer, Stephanie Rockwell, Ansel Graham, CEO of Chameleon Security Group and Rocio M Davis, Healthcare Industry Professional.
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