Essentials Day Spa, Inc. Receives Accreditation from the Day Spa Association

Union City, NJ, December 20, 2007 --( Is Your Day Spa Distinguished? Essentials Day Spa, Inc. receives accreditation from the Day Spa Association

Think ‘well being’. Think ‘relief’. Think ‘personal care’. Think all these things and pretty soon you would probably be picturing a Montana Salon or Spa. The term "Day Spa" has become part of our national lingua franca as more and more local spas and salons are promoting their services in holistic health and well-being at astoundingly affordable prices. Be warned. Do you really know what distinguishes a day spa? One, two or an ensemble of massage tables and facial chairs at an establishment with a ‘Spa’ or ‘Salon’ shingle out front does not. Not necessarily. Well then, what does?

The Day Spa Association, the industry’s premier watchdog on spa standards and regulations, is inundated by consumer phone calls asking this very question. Surveys indicate that savvy consumers insist on three main things from their spas: (1) dedication to stringent health and safety standards, (2) outstanding customer service and, (3) professional licensure with a commitment to ongoing training. Think about this. If you care about quality, whether it be at the movies or at a restaurant, you want to see a 1 to 5 star rating. Accreditation by the Day Spa Association helps consumers distinguish finer quality day spas. More importantly perhaps, it lets the consumer know that the establishment they are engaging for service is rated safe and held accountable by industry leaders.

So, how do you distinguish ‘Salons offering Spa Services’ from ‘Accredited Day Spas’? "Essence Of A Day Spa"- guidelines set by the only industry organization regulating Day Spas directs you on what to look for. For example:
• A nurturing, safe, clean, caring, and serene atmosphere
• Professional, licensed estheticians and therapists on staff
• Private treatment rooms for each client receiving a personal service
• Estheticians and therapists trained to use the spa products at hand
• Massages: Swedish, Shiatsu, Lymph Drainage and Reflexology [Optional: Polarity, Sports, Deep tissue and Deep muscle]
[For a full listing of guidelines visit]

The Day Spa Association Accreditation process awards day spas that meet these guidelines the "Accredited Status". This award is a seal of approval that distinguishes the true day spa from day spa wanna-be’s. Look for the purple "2006 – 2008 Accredited Day Spa" logo on your local day spa's menu, advertisements, and store decals as well as an "accreditation certificate" typically displayed at the front desk, next time you visit a Montana spa.

There’s a new buzz in town - Essentials Day Spa, Inc. of Kalispell, MT was awarded the distinguished title of "Accredited Status" this year. "Our accreditation is good for three years. The accredited facility will still be up to standard at the time of renewal", promises Hannelore R. Leavy, Executive Director at the Day Spa Association. "As a pioneering leader in the industry, the Day Spa Association is committed to excellence, continued education, accreditation and keeping up with new and progressive methods, treatments, services and products that enhance the consumers’ spa experience and well-being. We make sure that our accredited member day spas share our philosophy and mission".

All accredited member Day Spas are clearly identified on the Association's website: as well as on a special “Accredited web page”. A listing can also be found in the Day Spa/International Medical Spa Directory (free to our media partners). For a copy please contact:

The Day Spa Association
520 – 23rd Street
Union City, NJ 07087

Detailed information on services offered at Essentials Day Spa, Inc. can be made available by calling 406-755-6010, or emailing Sue Holmgren at If you’re in the area please visit the spa at 337 First Avenue East, Kalispell, MT 59901.

The Day Spa Association
Hannelore R. Leavy