People Are Cheating This Video Game by Walking More

Random Breakfast launches StepPets a mobile game where players are cheating. Players cheat by walking. They earn a special in game currency, Step Coin, which players use to buy everything in the game instead of spending real money.

Salt Lake City, UT, December 12, 2015 --( Random Breakfast, a mobile game company based in Salt Lake City, UT recently launched a game where players are cheating the payment system. Players are able to cheat by walking more. They earn a special in game currency, Step Coin, which allows players to buy everything in the game instead of spending real money. “We were tired of earning badges that did nothing, so we created Step Coins to have a real value and something people wanted to earn and spend,” said Tim Cooley, CEO.

To earn Step Coins players are given walking goals to achieve. If they meet or exceed those goals then they are awarded more coins. Every time a player reaches their goal the goal increases and so does the reward for Step Coins. For example, everyone starts off at a goal of 1000 steps. When you reach it you will receive 2 Step Coins, which can be used to buy fun pets. “We wanted walking to be a choice and not a necessity for the game to be fun,” said Cooley

Step Coins are not the only thing influence by steps. The level one plays is also generated by walking. By tracking one’s daily steps the game builds the level the player will play tomorrow. “It is pretty cool to play your own data. You start to recall what you did the day before, like when you woke up or went to lunch.” said Cooley.

StepPets is the first of many games planned by Random Breakfast. The company plans to tackle many health issues and use video games as a medium to not only educate, but encourage action. “Is there a better way to change behavior than to have fun doing it? I don’t think so,” said Cooley.

StepPets: StepPets is a unique mobile game that combines physical activity and game play. Play a unique runner, where your steps create the levels. Help the StepPets take back their planet from Jacques, an asteroid invader from outer space, and his trusty henchmen. Play as Cooper the dog, Freya the cat, and their animal friends. Find their hidden treasures, unlock themes and discover giants. New pets can be unlocked with step coins, which are earned by meeting and reaching your walking goals. The more you walk the more you unlock.

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