Trading EveryDay Launches New Trading Room

Trading EveryDay launches its newest feature on its website – a live Trading Room with interactive audio and video, including real-time charts.

San Jose, CA, December 21, 2007 --( Trading EveryDay launches its newest feature on its website – a live Trading Room with interactive audio and video, including real-time charts. The company has added its fifth business line that is fast becoming very popular with traders. If you want a trading room where the moderator (who, by the way, is an active, professional trader) is so attentive to you that you feel like you’re the only one in the room, you might want to take a look at this new Trading Room.

From the website, you can access the Trading Room for a free Trial Subscription. The room is designed to have extremely limited seating (less than 30 seats) in order to preserve its high-quality service levels for its members. This is a refreshing change since so many trading rooms are so large and impersonal you feel like nobody knows you’re even there. The Trading Room accommodates all trading levels with the only requirement being the desire to learn how to improve your trading.

The Trading EveryDay ( ) website has four (4) other business lines. 1) Mentoring and Personal Coaching, 2) Courses, both Online Home Study and Live, 3) Seminars, and 4) eBooks. Within each business line is a range of educational materials for every trader. Whether you’re a novice, experienced, part-time, or full-time trader, Trading EveryDay has something for you.

While the internet offers many websites with educational trading products and services, Trading EveryDay is the only one that offers yet another service unique to its website – the monthly coaching programs (vs. the industry-standard hour-long coaching session). The website focuses on providing trading fundamentals and believes its monthly coaching programs are much more effective than an hour-long session. That being said, this website provides all the learning materials and tools one needs to succeed in trading.

For example, one of its most fundamental products is its “Trading Plan Planner” eBook. Because Trading EveryDay is a huge advocate for establishing a solid foundation for trading success, it believes a solid trading plan is the best place to start for building that foundation. This comprehensive e-Book discusses the importance of a trading plan planner for futures traders, day traders, and swing traders who desire to establish a more structured and disciplined approach to trading. Templates are included that illustrate key ingredients for Risk Management, Money Management, and Trade Execution.

In its quest to meet the needs of all types of traders, TED has another trading plan eBook – “Trading Plan Secrets”, a condensed version of the “Trading Plan Planner” – which includes just five (5) simple steps to a comprehensive Trading Plan. This eBook is perfect for those traders who realize the value of a trading plan but find themselves short on time and want to jumpstart their trading.

There are many opportunities throughout the website to experience complimentary products and services. There are free eBook downloads, free Courses and Seminars, and free Demos and Previews. There is also a Blog with trading tips, articles, and advice.

Trading EveryDay diligently works to create, develop, and launch new products and services on an ongoing basis. While the fundamentals of trading remain the “same”, TED strives to meet the needs of those traders with the desire to improve their trading, reinforcing its goal to become a premier source of discerning traders for educational trading products and services.

Trading EveryDay( ) is a distinguished provider of educational trading products and services, believing that the only difference between an average trader and a great trader is education and coaching. Its products and services are designed to cater to traders of all levels and meet their individual needs and budgetary limitations. Trading EveryDay products and services are available worldwide - all you need is the desire to improve your trading activities, a computer, and internet access. You can visit the site by logging on to

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