Azad University Oxford Announces Signing a Memorandum of Understanding with Kingston University, a Leading London University

Azad University Oxford to run Pre-University Foundation Programme, Science Pathway, and two undergraduate studies in Computer Sciences and Architectural Studies as well as a range of PhD programmes in the various fields of study.

Oxford, United Kingdom, December 21, 2007 --( Azad University (IR) in Oxford is an education services provider of innovative, competitive, flexible and sustainable higher education courses. Azad University Oxford announces the signing of a memorandum of understanding with Kingston University, a leading London university. As part of the agreement, Azad University will run a Pre-University Foundation Programme (science pathway), and two undergraduate studies (Computer Sciences, and Architectural Studies) as well as a range of PhD programmes in the various fields of study. For more information, please visit: or call +44 (0)1865 884350.

The benefits of Partnering with a UK University
In harmony with its mission statement, Azad University (IR) in Oxford believes that world class education should be shared and mutually exchanged across the globe. UK higher education is a central hub of global excellence with which Azad is proud to be connected. Azad University believes that its relationship with UK universities not only represents a core strategy in the establishment of its Oxford Branch, but also offers a unique formula to UK universities for them to express their vision and strategic options. Through this framework of collaboration, more adequate higher education systems can be achieved for the advancement of all participants in the collaboration including students.

Partnership with Kingston University

Recently, Azad University signed a memorandum of understanding and established specific validation arrangements with Kingston University – a leading London university. Accordingly, Azad University will be running a Pre-University Foundation Programme (science pathway), and two undergraduate studies (Computer Sciences, and Architectural Studies) as well as a range of PhD programmes in the various fields of study. The International Foundation Programme would provide a progression route to Engineering and Computing as well as to some courses in Science and Art & Design. On completion, students will get a certificate from Kingston University that allows them to have access to the UK universities for their further undergraduate studies. Also the validation has entitled Azad University to run the first year of the BSc. in Computing and the Certificate in Architectural studies on their premises. Successful students will then proceed to Kingston University for the following two years of their study. The PhD. programme involves a research training set-up and a supervisory scheme from both universities that allows students to advance their original ideas into comprehensive research projects.

The collaboration with UK Partner universities has become a fact of our contemporary globalised world that cannot be avoided by any of the participants in the higher education. Azad University's infrastructure and its human and material resources are set in place to meet the core challenge of that new global reality. The whole set-up aims to achieve top quality results. AOU is fully equipped and is fully aware of the needs and aspirations of international students. Azad University is particularly sensitive to the hybrid culture that represents the great range of academic and cultural backgrounds that are characteristic of international education today.

About Azad University (IR) in Oxford

Azad University, with several international branches already, has opened its Oxford campus in Europe to advance the cause of cultural understanding and international co-operation. Its students, regardless of their gender, nationality or creed, will benefit from the advantages of a global meeting of minds.

Azad University in Oxford is dedicated to providing innovative, cost effective, flexible and sustainable education on the pioneering frontiers of knowledge in fields such as engineering, computing sciences, humanities and social sciences. Both independently and in collaboration with partner universities Azad will launch initiatives for underprivileged students and professionals, regardless of race, religion, politics, gender, nationality and domicile, who aspire to world class higher education for the betterment of their future career and for bringing greater understanding between people of widely different perspectives.

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