DormCo Presents Twin XL Bed Toppers for Added Support and Comfort

DormCo presents the various Twin XL mattress toppers available for added comfort to dorm bedding.

Buffalo, NY, December 18, 2015 --( Twin XL dorm beds do not start out as the most comfortable dorm item in a Residence Hall Room. College students will have varying preferences of comfort and may not feel entirely comfortable on the college provided Twin XL Mattress. The college student doesn’t have to wake with a sore back and have a restless sleep throughout college. The college student can make the Twin XL Bed an incredibly comfortable place to relax and re-energize for the next day with a Twin XL Mattress Topper.

A Twin XL Mattress Topper is a dorm necessity the college student will not want to go to college without. Available in a variety of styles, the college student will be able to choose the Twin XL Bed Topper that is best for the Extra Long Twin Bed. The first basic option that a lot of college students may choose if the dorm bed just needs a small amount of extra comfort is a Basic Egg Crate Topper with 5 zones. The 5 zones of 3 different patterns allow for weight dispersion for comfort and support. With ripple, coil, and wave patterns, the college student will have gentle support in areas such as the feet and head and ultimate support for the back and torso region.

Should the college student want softer cushioning that they can sink into that also offers comfort and support, there is the Featherbed Twin XL Mattress Topper. The Baffle Box Construction in this dorm essentials item is quite important and will offer quite a bit of support. The Baffle Box Construction of the top section prevents the inner fill from shifting around while the bottom section is filled with down and feather blend for support and firmness, so while the college student is getting sink in soft comfort, they will also have the support that is needed for a quality night’s sleep.

Perhaps the most popular option, there are quite a few varieties of Memory Foam Twin XL Toppers. There are varying thicknesses so the college student can choose the level of support needed and there are also Memory Foam Mattress Toppers that have added benefits other than the pure Memory Foam. Memory Foam offers ultimate support that cradles the body and reduces stress on pressure points to allow for a quality night’s sleep every night without tossing and turning. While the college student may picture the thick, solid slab of Memory Foam, there are also varieties with liquid gel and holes in the topper for increased airflow. With the liquid gel infused toppers with Active Airflow Technology, the college student will receive the ultimate comfort and support of memory foam with the added benefits of a cooler night’s sleep.

There are quite a few varieties of Twin XL Memory Foam Toppers available for each college student’s comfort and support preference. Whether the college student needs soft, feathered support or the firm, ultimate support of a Memory Foam topper, one thing is for sure – it is a dorm essentials item that the college student will want to make sure to have on the dorm bed for a quality night’s sleep.

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Nicole Horning