janegee, llc Introduces New Look and Adds New Products to Line

Portsmouth, NH, December 18, 2015 --(PR.com)-- janegee, llc, a pioneer in the natural skincare industry, is excited to announce its continued growth with the introduction of a new look. This week, the company launches its updated brand identity with redesigned packaging, new chemical free beauty products, and improvements made to existing products.

“The new design supports our simple approach to bring transparent, safe and natural products to our customers, empowering them to become educated about the products they use,” said Jane Gee, President and CEO, janegee, llc. “The new product design will allow customers to shop with ease and identify which products are best for their specific skin care needs. I could not be more thrilled to share our new products as well as the improvements we have made to our existing products.”

With natural beauty products and chemical-free skin care options becoming the preferred choice of consumers; janegee has been at the forefront of the movement bringing non-toxic, quality products to market. Using her experience as a holistic esthetician, Jane launched her own organic skin products line in 2007 that catered to the specific needs of her clients. Five years later, janegee natural skincare solutions offers over 75 unique products that are non-toxic and chemical-free. Gee also formulated a natural preservation process that maintains product freshness without the use of chemicals.

janegee uses the best natural ingredients in every product

While the majority of janegee’s advanced skin care formulations remain the same, this launch includes the updated formula for the popular janegee butter creme.

A nourishing formula of botanical butters, aloe and rose, the formula now boasts the added benefits of oat straw and willow bark making it a superior solution for dry, sensitive skins. This natural hand lotion softens the surface of skin, reaches deep within the epidermis, but also allows the skin to breathe and function naturally. The improved recipe will only make customers skin that much more healthy. Scents include, lavender, rose geranium, orange, grapefruit and unscented.

Adding two new products to the janegee family
With this launch, janegee will be adding a dry shampoo and luxurious bubble bath to its existing product range.

The janegee bubble bath will transform bath time. Made chemically free and with the most luxurious oil blends – your entire family will be looking forward to relaxing with this rich blend.

jangee’s citrus smelling dry shampoo is the perfect hair refresher for anyone on the go. This non-toxic formula offers strong oil absorption and texture boosting benefits using a light powder blend. Great for all hair types.

About janegee
Natural is how we are meant to be. So it stands to reason that the best care for our bodies is natural. Fortunately, nature, in her wisdom, has provided all we want and all we need. At janegee, we bring an abiding love and respect of nature’s wisdom to everything we do, make, and sell. Our natural beauty products for skin and hair care are created using the world’s finest, most nourishing ingredients. Our treatments draw on the ancient wisdom of the world’s cultures. It’s all part of a philosophy of clean living we’d like to share with you. You may begin with something as simple as goat milk soap but we think you’ll soon find a greater, more satisfying way to look, feel and live. Let’s become better together. Visit http://www.janegee.com
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