Sirona Technology Announced Today That Larua Periman M.D., Has Joined the Company's Medical Advisory Board

Dr. Larua Periman is welcomed by Sirona Technology.

Portland, OR, December 18, 2015 --( Sirona technology announced today that Laura Periman, M.D. has joined the company’s medical advisory board. Dr. Periman is a practicing ophthalmologist in Seattle, a graduate of the University of Washington School of Medicine. She is widely published and an acknowledged thought leader in her field.

“There is a golden opportunity to effectively incorporate these patient-reported results into clinical research,” says Dr. Periman. “Sirona’s inSight software has found a way to effectively serve the clinical needs of the physicians while keeping the application easy enough for the patient to use.” As a member of the Sirona Technology Medical Advisory Board, Dr. Periman will take an active role in defining how inSight captures, collects and shares the data from medical therapies.

Dr. Periman has a personal interest in the long-term assessment of therapies dealing with the cornea and ocular surface diseases, such as Dry Eye. Her focus on these diseases started while she was a Research Assistant at Immunex (now Amgen) in 1991. Her early training in Immunology has fostered a keen interest in the inflammatory and immunologic mechanisms of Dry Eye Disease and other Ocular Surface Diseases. She is a board-certified ophthalmologist and educator of other eye care professionals, offering her expertise as a recognized speaker on Dry Eye and Ocular Surface Diseases.

“Dr. Periman’s experience, as both a scientist and a clinician are invaluable,” says David Audley, CEO and Co-Founder of Sirona Technology. “She brings a potent combination of scientific inquiry and patient care. With her leadership, we know that we will be able to bring the best solution to physicians and patients worldwide.”

Sirona Technology launched its inSight software for tracking patient-reported outcomes in Q4 of 2015. The solution is a secure and scalable cloud-based software that combines custom outcome questionnaires and a proprietary scheduling engine to capture, compare and share patient data.

About Sirona Technology:

Sirona Technology develops secure, scalable software applications for patient acquisition and analysis. The company has built two proprietary software applications Sirona exChange, a healthcare content platform (HCP) that aggregates, profiles and qualifies patients seeking medical treatments and Sirona inSight, a patient-reported outcome (PRO) software that collects, analyses & visualizes the long-term impact of treatments. More information can be found at
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