Lighting Resources Installs Industry-Leading Balcan Lamp Recycling System in Phoenix Recycling Center

Recycling fluorescent light bulbs since 1989, Lighting Resources has again upgraded its recycling capabilities. A custom-built Balcan MP8000 Lamp Recycling system came online in the company's Phoenix, Arizona, facility, the fourth now in operation by the company. The Balcan system allows Lighting Resources to recycle fluorescent tubes and other fluorescent bulbs more efficiently, producing cleaner by-products that are safer for the environment and better for beneficial reuse.

Phoenix, AZ, December 19, 2015 --( National recycler Lighting Resources announced last week that a new, custom-built Balcan MP8000 Lamp Recycling system is in operation in its Phoenix, Arizona facility. This brings to four the number of highly efficient Balcan systems in use by the company, one of the nation's largest recyclers of fluorescent light bulbs as well as batteries, electronics, and related universal wastes.

Lighting Resources ordered its first Balcan Lamp Recycling system in 2011 and has plans to continue adding the equipment to additional locations in 2016. The company is the only recycler in the United States operating more than one of these systems.

Says company president Dan Gillespie, “We selected Balcan systems because this equipment is unmatched in the fluorescent light recycling industry. It does a better job of recycling, providing more consistent and cleaner by-products and ensuring superior protection for our employees and the environment.”

In 1980, Balcan Engineering designed and produced the world's first lamp crushing machine and now is a world-leading supplier of light bulb recycling equipment. The Balcan MP8000 can handle up to 5,000 linear tubes per hour.

Recycling fluorescent tubes and other types of light bulbs allows for the recapture and beneficial reuse of bulb components – glass, aluminum (from end caps), and, in the case of fluorescent bulbs, mercury from the phosphor powder. Both glass and aluminum can be recycled and reused indefinitely with no loss of material quality. Mercury, which is used in many types of bulbs as well as thermostats, mercury switches and relays, some medical devices, and other industrial applications, must be properly processed by trained hazardous waste experts. Lighting Resources is one of only a handful of companies in the United States that has proper equipment and processes for mercury retort and distillation. This keeps it out of the environment where it can be hazardous to human health and allows the mercury to be returned to virgin specifications for use as new product.

The addition of the Balcan system in the Phoenix recycling facility allows the company to process bulbs on-site rather than shipping them to facilities in California or Texas. This further reduces Lighting Resources' environmental footprint and expands its ability to serve southwestern regional customers quickly and efficiently.

Adds Gillespie, “We have been able to double our revenues in recent years by investing in exceptional equipment and processing capabilities and at the same time focusing on localized customer service. It's the vision I had for the company when I became president 20 years ago and will continue as we keep growing.”

About Lighting Resources: Lighting Resources, LLC, is one of the nation’s largest recyclers of fluorescent bulbs and lamps, alkaline and lithium batteries, fluorescent light ballasts, electronics and components, and related universal wastes. Founded in 1989, the company operates seven recycling facilities across the U.S. with further facility expansions and acquisitions planned. With facilities across the country and a nationwide, fully permitted truck fleet, Lighting Resources provides large-scale recycling services with localized service. Clients include public and private companies, government departments, electrical contractors and maintenance companies, environmental management companies, municipal and state agencies, consultants and brokers, and demolition and excavating contractors. Opened in 2010, the company's EZ on the Earth division has grown to become one of nation’s largest providers of mail-back recycle kits for these types of wastes and offers a comprehensive service for disposal of Tritium Exit signs. For more information, call (805) 624-3050 or visit or (855) EARTH-55 or visit
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