The Hot Pepper Awards 2007, a Fiery Foods Contest, Announces Winners

The Hot Pepper Awards 2007, a fiery foods/condiment competition, announces winners.

New York, NY, December 21, 2007 --( The Hot Pepper Awards is a new fiery foods competition for spicy food and condiment creators. The 2007 awards have just been announced.

The Overall Winners:

The Hot Pepper Award - Hot Sauce - Sizzlin Sauces - Creepin' Quag |

The Hot Pepper Award - BBQ Sauce - W.O. Hesperus Company - Bar Harbor-Que |

The Hot Pepper Award - Salsa - Global Warming Salsa - Classic Hot |

The Hot Pepper Award - Dry Spice - Naked Pig BBQ Company - Sow's Fury |

The Hot Pepper Award - Condiment - Anija's - Mom's Original Recipe Finnish Style Spicy Mustard |

The Hot Pepper Award (1st) - Sweet Condiment - Kap's Pepper Co. - Very Berry Habanero Jelly |

The Hot Pepper Award (1st) - Snack/Sweet - My Uncle John's Sweets-N-Hots - My Uncle John's Spicy Orange Dark Chocolate Cashew Brittle |

The Hot Pepper Award (1st) - Extreme Product - - Dragon's Blood |

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