New Study by MyMedicalShopper Finds Huge Price Differences for Common Health Procedures Across Granite State

MyMedicalShopper Enables Massive Cost Savings by Showing Actual Prices Paid for More than 9,000 Medical Procedures at 700 Facilities in NH, MA, ME, and VT

Portsmouth, NH, December 23, 2015 --( MyMedicalShopper, the leading NH provider of healthcare price transparency solutions, today announced new study findings that reveal massive price differences for some of the most common medical procedures such as magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), cholesterol screenings, and chest X-rays. MyMedicalShopper estimates that for the top 100 most common medical procedures, NH patients could have saved a total of $346 million in 2014, a staggering 74%, by comparison shopping for low-cost, high-quality healthcare providers.

Within 30 miles of Manchester, patients can pay from $58 to $341 for a chest X-ray, a 6x difference. For a cholesterol screening, payments vary from $12 to $129, an 11x difference. For some procedures, the differences can run into the thousands of dollars.

“This is just the tip of the iceberg. We've been diving into medical claims payment data deeper than anyone for almost two years now,” says MyMedicalShopper co-founder and CEO, Mark Galvin. “We talk a lot about our healthcare cost crisis in this country, but no proposed solution has anywhere near the same potential as price transparency. This is how we can reverse the trend of rising healthcare costs. The average MyMedicalShopper member is on pace to save 32% on out-of-pocket medical expenses this year.” Adds Galvin, “When consumers stop overpaying for medical care, claims are driven down and health insurance premiums and out-of-pocket expenses start to drop. Putting this money back in the hands of consumers will provide an additional boost to the NH economy.”

MyMedicalShopper empowers consumers and businesses with true cost and quality data, bringing clarity to the often-confusing world of healthcare. With a website and free mobile apps for Apple and Android devices, MyMedicalShopper is giving everyone the information needed to save on healthcare.

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MyMedicalShopper enables true comparison shopping for medical procedures by shining a light on the secretive world of healthcare pricing. Members who subscribe to the free MMS tool are expected to save 32% on out-of-pocket costs in 2015. Employers who adopt MMS strategies can save more than 33% on health insurance premiums while improving employee benefits.
Christopher Matrumalo
(603) 292-3043