Price Reduction on 2-in-1 Franchise Opportunity

Green Concepts announces an immediate price reduction for investors who choose both the Interior Plant Rental Franchise and the Christmas Rental Franchise programs. Plant rental clients ask for Christmas decorations at the holidays making this a double profit program.

San Luis Obispo, CA, December 21, 2007 --( Green Concepts announces a large price reduction for purchasers who invest in both The Plant Rental Franchise & The Christmas Rental Franchise together. Each is an extremely complimentary program with double profit capabilities.

These outstanding small franchise businesses have been sold separately in the past, but previous investors have determined that the complementary nature of the two businesses makes them a perfect fit for a single operator. Green Concepts has responded by making Christmas Concepts part of this package with a sizable discount for the purchase of both at the same time.

The company currently has over 1000 licensees worldwide whose experience is driving this offer. They report that Indoor Plant clients often ask for Christmas decorations and Christmas decorators are asked to provide Indoor Plant service after the Holidays. Because these two different but complementary home-based business prototypes can provide services to the same customers, investors who own both franchises are able to use each business to recruit clients for the other.

Plant and Christmas Rentals are now a standard cost of doing business and are automatically budgeted into company expenses. Commercial plant and Christmas decoration rentals combined have become a 25 million dollar per year industry that continues growing quickly. Clients prefer to rent plants and have the constant fresh new look and professional “illusion” of success, and Christmas decorations are a perfect extension of this model.

These highly profitable “residual income” opportunities are now less than $5000 to purchase. They can be successful home-based businesses or
Extremely successful add-on programs to existing companies looking to expand their profit base.

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Pamela Dorn