RCT Homes Reports over £1.2 Million Funding Secured from Subscription to Idox’s GRANTfinder

RCT Homes confirms funding successes totalling over £1.2 million through subscription to Idox's flagship funding service.

Manchester, United Kingdom, December 25, 2015 --(PR.com)-- RCT Homes – the largest social housing landlord in Wales – has reported over £1.2 million funding secured from its subscription to Idox’s leading funding service GRANTfinder.

Commenting on the benefits of a GRANTfinder subscription, Grants Manager Hayley Teague noted:

“GRANTfinder has helped us to support various different projects – anyone and everything from old age groups to children’s playgrounds. We’ve built buildings, put football pitches in, funded dinners, supported presentations for football teams and football kits… there isn’t anything we haven’t funded.”

“We’ve got confirmed match funding of £1.2 million – which is fantastic – but we’ve got an estimated £1.8 – £2 million in total. We’re still collating this information and waiting for further information to come in. At that £2 million point, I’ll be jumping for joy. It’s a massive achievement for such a small team and the use of GRANTfinder.”

Documenting the organisation’s ongoing funding success, a new online video has been published to Idox’s GRANTfinder website.

This latest release – available to view on the Videos page at www.idoxgrantfinder.co.uk – is part of a series set published throughout 2015 in celebration of Idox’s 30-year anniversary as Europe’s leading provider of funding and policy information.

For more information on how Idox can support your organisation in securing external funding streams, please contact grants.marketing@idoxgroup.com

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