Thepublicblogger's Online Reality Show #AStarisBorn Seamlessly Engages Its Blog, Facebook Page and Google Hangouts in the Development of Original Entertainment

A Star is Born may not be the first, it is produced in The Neighborhood by, on the same Wordpress blogging platform as the original online Reality Show "The Lives We Live" but its creator has become more savvy in the use of Facebook and other social media, elevating its profile and its reach, as thousands pour every week to to watch the artists performances and to see who the clown will throw off the stage next.

Sacramento, CA, December 28, 2015 --( When Kelly Clarkson was crowned winner of Season One of American Idol, way back in 2002, it did not simply create a hit show, but it introduced a completely new genre of televised entertainment. Idol would skyrocket in both ratings and pop culture. Kelly Clarkson would become one of the biggest recording artists in the country, and it held such staying power that a long line would follow.

Every Sunday at 7:00 PM PST, thousands pour in to view the artists in different challenges or performances. For many, viral is the only recognizable term and millions the only measure of success. But with hundreds of television viewing choices and hundreds of millions of blogs (65 million at Wordpress alone*) and a billion users on Facebook, bringing in over 12,000 Facebook** referrals alone, with absolutely no media mentions and a marketing budget so miniscule, it is never mentioned.

But The Neighborhood is not just a source of Reality enjoyment, it is a collaborative of underground and indie artists - world over - who are revolutionizing The Arts and Collaborations and making history in the development of non-existent entertainment.

Nominated from a pool of hundreds, eleven Artists in varying genres, began on October 13. Two and half months, and 8 Rounds later, A Star is Born has wound its way to the final two. Oscar Alejandro Plascencia a 43 year old Poet from a suburb of Los Angeles and a 19 year old Mommy Blogger from the small town of Lahoma OK, who shocked the @AStarisBornAddicts when she outplayed the front runner, securing a spot in The Finals, and yes to a lesser degree, is now trying to secure her place in history, like Clarkson.

Utilizing Google technology Hangouts, Kendall F. Person, thepublicblogger has officially turned a blog post, into a televised show.

On Dec 30 at The Neighborhood's Season-ending Show, following the reveal of the 2015 Song of the Year, the Winner of A Star is Born will be crowned Only @

*With 60 Million Websites, Wordpress Rules the World - Forbes, SEP 5th Web and 24th Magazine

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