Mill For Business: An Innovative Startup & Business Hub Has Been Launched on the Web

Sounds highly ambitious and the website indeed has an eye-catching effect. Great online solutions are available for businesses and individuals.

Scottsdale, AZ, January 03, 2016 --( Mill For Business has launched its website at

Mill is a business and startup hub, offering a range of online services for business and individuals. It has been designed in order to meet business and individual needs following the one-stop-shop model. The idea behind Mill is to offer a universal tool for all business demands in one place. At an initial stage, Mill offers Online Company Formation, Domain Names Registration, Web Hosting, Website Builder, SSL Certificates, Personal & Business Email, Online Marketing Tools, SEO Tools, Fax via Email and other online services.

All those interconnected services are offered worldwide and in multiple currencies, except Company Formation service which is available in the UK only. Mill For Business expects to widen its coverage for Company Formation service soon and increase the number of other services offered on the website, bringing to the life the original idea that founders had in mind while starting the Mill.

Mill also plans to introduce in the near future a cutting-edge single dashboard for businesses which will help them to run and monitor their daily operations, as well as set and accomplish strategic goals and objectives through the centralized online profile.

Customer support at Mill is provided via Live Chat, Email, FAQs and an award-winning 24/7 customer support line.

More information is expected to be released after the first quarter of
Mill For Business
Nijat Huseynov