Radii Carpool App Rescues Delhiites from Odd-Even Puzzle

RADII is a location based mobile communication platform, which helps people communicate with those with whom they have no social connection, in a set radial distance.

Delhi, India, January 04, 2016 --(PR.com)-- The odd-even vehicle formula rolled out in Delhi by Aam Admi Party on New Year has shown positive results. As per stats, the odd-even scheme has reduced 10% of pollution and has also relieved from traffic jams. But, this odd-even formula has brought a big hitch for commuters. At such instance, a host of carpool apps comes to rescue. One of such revolutionary carpool applications is “Radii.”

“We believe that the Odd/Even experiment is an important initiative to curb pollution and the best long term solution is not public transportation system or taxis or but people being able to carpool seamlessly and share resources,” said Mr. Daya Shankar, Co-Founder, RADII.

“Carpool is just a feature of Radii that fits best to Delhi’s odd-even scheme but Radii is beyond just carpool. Alike to other social networking sites which connects people globally, Radii is focused to connect people in vicinity who are yet unconnected to you,” added Mr. Daya Shankar. He also says that these days, people have hundreds and thousands of global friends on their social networks but they hardly know a handful neighbors. Radii will bring a lot of socio-economic advantage to the communities.

Radii App can be downloaded from Google Play Store. In order to use the app, people will need to register themselves. Once registered, user can compose message and broadcast it within a radius. Other users falling in that radius will receive that message and can respond to it. The application also facilitate group chat feature to users. Privacy of users remains protected as app does not share any phone number, email or location details.

“We are receiving tremendous response from Delhiites and we hope to receive a huge boom in entire nation very soon,” Shankar concluded.
Avinash Kabra