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David Friedfeld, President of ClearVision, Discusses Building a Customer-Focused Organization on the CEO Show with Robert Reiss

David Friedfeld, President of ClearVision Optical, discusses building a customer-focused business on the CEO Show with Robert Reiss, and its vitally important customers: the consumer, the external customer, and the internal customer. Reiss and Friedfeld talk about details of obtaining customer input, employee involvement in the business, and the critical function of a high performance work environment.

Ridgefield, CT, December 22, 2007 --( David Friedfeld, President of ClearVision Optical, a leading distributor of eyewear, talks about how his business has three vitally important customers: the consumer, the external customer ( the retail dealer ), and the internal customer ( the employee ). Friedfeld explains how the business learns from its customers, how customer input contributes to business success, and how the business gains insights from leaders in other industries.

Reiss inquires about the process used to learn from ClearVision’s external customers and Friedfeld relates how the survey process, started as an informal dialog 10 years ago, has become increasingly formal, producing thousands of responses about topics customers consider important. He goes on to say that he personally reads every response and how ClearVison’s scrutiny of those responses yield insights. This has been responsible in part for a history of exceptional customer retention and service.

Reiss and Friedfeld talk at length about the new work environment created when ClearVision moved its headquarters a little over a year ago and began a great experiment that melded the thoughts of employees, management and the architect. Evidencing the progressive thinking that pervades the business, Friedfeld details how, even before the new building space was built, they asked the employees, “What kind of space do you want? Where do you want to work? What do you want the space to look like?” From that came an exciting, high performance environment where workrooms have imaginative names, artwork that provokes people to think, and provides a place where employees love to work – a model that many businesses wish they could emulate.

Finishing the interview, the attention shifts to golf, where Friedfeld injects philosophical thoughts and humor about the game from the perspective of a long distance runner.

ClearVison is a privately owned, global enterprise, serving optical professionals throughout the U.S. and in 40 countries throughout Europe, Asia, North Africa, Latin America and the Caribbean with its headquarters in Hauppauge, New York. Information about ClearVison can be found at:

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The interview with David Friedfeld can be heard on the CEO Show with Robert Reiss, immediately following the interview of Tim and Nina Zagat, Co-founders of Zagat Survey, broadcast December 23, 2007 at 9 pm Eastern Standard Time.


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