Helping Users Organize Their Favorite Sites on the Internet is a bookmark scheduling service that allows you to collect, edit, and schedule your bookmarks for viewing when you want to view them.

Baltimore, MD, December 24, 2007 --( Most web users are constantly finding websites and articles that contain information they find interesting. Whether it’s an online comic, work-related article, research resources, blogs or their favorite holiday recipes, its information they want to have access to at a later point in time. The problem is that according to an article published in 2007 by (see there are an estimated 15 – 30 billion web pages and counting. As a result, finding that content is tough; organizing it once it is found, is near impossible. Even if one were able to effectively organize the information, there’s no guarantee that the user will remember to return to the site.

Although browsers offer bookmarks, anyone with more than 30 will begin to see, that while it is a good concept, it simply doesn't go far enough. Recent additions of online social bookmarking systems have stepped in the right direction. These systems give users the ability to organize their bookmarks and to store them in a centralized location so that they are accessible from any machine at any time. While these systems are somewhat effective, the possibility for a more robust system existed.

Recently, the launch of a new service took another step in organizing the chaos of the web. iSend, a small internet startup firm, located in Baltimore, MD, launched the site. The most powerful option of the new system is its ability to schedule individual or recurring reminders to visit users’ favorite web pages, making it easier than ever to get the winning bid on an eBay auction, pay bills on time and stay up to date on relevant news and topics of interest. It also offers the user more options for granular classification, giving them more criteria to search on. This makes finding a bookmark simple and efficient inside the netRocket structure.

"In my everyday life, both personal and professional, I was finding that I was losing track of a lot of useful information and resources. I kept trying to e-mail myself links, write them down on a piece of paper, schedule reminders in my PDA, etc. and it was driving me crazy so I set out to find a tool that would help me manage my online activities more efficiently” explained Uri Kerbel, netRocket’s CTO, when asked about the motivation behind the netRocket concept. “I found a bunch of great sites and tools but none of them were filling this need properly and to make matters worse most seemed overly concerned about the community as a whole rather than focusing on the individual's needs and the fact that our time and organization are extremely important. So I decided to give this need some serious analysis and figure out a way to solve this problem and the rest is history" says Kerbel.

The team claims that their product differentiates itself from comparable sites by focusing first and foremost on the individual and their needs. The business idea stemmed from a true practical need that the founders felt was not being adequately addressed. They carried out one-on-one sessions and discussion groups with a diverse group of real-world users to ensure that they were solving the problem at hand. The goal is to provide a free service that helps people manage their time and keep track of all their online information in a smart and efficient manner.

iSend is a web development company established in 2006 that is dedicated to developing online services that will improve the user experience on the web.

Uri Kerbel