DTR Inc. CEO Jay Goldberg’s Upcoming Courses Include Entrepreneurship, Rock Music Genealogy

The courses start on Tuesday the week of January 18th and he will be teaching courses in three locations in Palm Beach County.

Jupiter, FL, January 07, 2016 --(PR.com)-- Jay Goldberg’s popular and highly endorsed entrepreneurship course, How to Start, Grow and Manage a Business will be taught at Jupiter Community High School and Palm Beach Central High School starting the week of January 18th in Palm Beach County’s Community Education Program. This is an eight week course that runs one night a week for two and a half hours a night.

In addition, Mr. Goldberg is teaching Get a Basic Website Up in 7 Weeks at Palm Beach Central High School and his new, fun rock music genealogy course, The Beatles: Six Degrees of Separation at Atlantic Community High School in Delray Beach (starts Monday, January 25th).

To sign up for the courses go to:


Then perform an instructor search on Jay Goldberg (scroll down, instructor search is on the left)

The course description for his new course is:

“Eight weeks of entertainment; oh, and a course too! Learn not only all about the Beatles; but also about over 130 bands and solo artists on the Beatles musical family tree. The vehicle used to explore the Beatles musical family tree is Six Degrees of Separation; a theory that says everyone in the world can be connected through six levels of connections. As far as the Beatles are concerned, all I can say is that there are some expected connections, some interesting connections, and some surprising musical connections. You can expect lots and lots of good music in the form of live concert videos and music videos. You can also expect pop culture and history-related videos for the bands and solo artists that show up in the course. This is a fun, social course that encourages discussion and interaction between the participants. To accommodate this, the course, which has been taught previously in a large theater environment, is being moved to a more informal classroom environment, and is allowing enrollment of up to 25 people.”

Here is a sample of some of the flow of the course for the first class:

Fun video – looking back at The Beatles from the year 3000
Early live video of Beatles singing one of their early hits (Q)
Something from The Simpsons TV show (Beatles connection) (Q)
A George Harrison tribute video to one of his solo songs (Q)
A scene from a Monty Python movie (Harrison connection)
A Phil Collins live in concert video (Q)
An interview with Phil Collins
A Neil Young live video (Q)
Music video from the “music factory” for answer to above (Q)
A live video from Neil Young with a Lynyrd Skynyrd connection
A funny scene from the movie Con Air (Lynyrd Skynyrd connection)
Pink Floyd live concert video (Q)
The truth about the “movie question” asked above
Music video from Genesis (joke Q)
Benny Hill video ???? (Genesis connection)
Buffalo Springfield live in concert (Q)
A movie trailer with a link to Buffalo Springfield
Crosby, Still, Nash & Young live video (Q)
Phil Hartman & Roseanne commercial from SNL (CS&N connection)
The Byrds live in concert with a surprise guest (Q)
Video from a funny Cheers episode (Byrds connection)
With nine more bands with pop culture to follow on the first night

(Q) means there will be a question asked that participants can try to answer before the answer is revealed.
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