Radii – A Location Based Social Application for Android

Radii, a new location-based social application for Android was launched recently. It aims to connect people living close to you within a user-defined radius.

Delhi, India, January 09, 2016 --(PR.com)-- Most of the social networking apps available these days connect you to people with similar interest or relationships. Radii is a recently launched social app that connects people in proximity. The application uses GPS to track your current location and broadcasts messages to community within the user-defined radius.

“Radii came into existence with a presumption that people within proximity have much in common to interact and share with each other. Being local in nature, communities can be helpful each other in one or the other ways,” says Mr. Daya Shankar, Co-Founder, RADII. “It is a small, simple and useful app that can be downloaded from Google Play Store. Users need to register themselves before they start using the app. Privacy of users is fully protected as no email, phone number or address is shared by users,” he added.

Once registered on the app, users can pre-define a radius to broadcast their messages. Users within the set radius can view those feeds and can respond to them. Being proximity based social app, it will help communities in vicinity to come closer. This app can be very helpful in societal development.

Daya also say,s “People are using Radii as a Carpool App and especially Delhiites find it very helpful to rescue themselves from Odd-Even Scheme. We are receiving tremendous response from people who are using Radii as a Carpool App.”

Radii can play a vital role in communities during natural calamities as people within proximity can seek help of their neighbors. Radii have already played a significant role in rehabilitation during Chennai Floods.

“Radii is a social app of new generation and can be of much use in day to day life. People can share their views with each other and can discuss on communal matters. Radii is much more than mere social networking,” concluded Mr. Shankar.

For details visit: http://radii.mobi
Avinash Kabra