Creates a Showcase of Strange and Unusual eBay Auctions

From a man's soul, to a French onion shaped like Santa Claus, eBay is home to some very unusual auctions. However, with millions of auctions ending everyday it can be hard to pick out the comedy gold, but not anymore. has created a way for users worldwide to showcase the best of eBay.

Springfield, MO, December 22, 2007 --( Everyday eBay is home to hundreds of unusual auctions. From someone's soul, to a French onion shaped like Santa Claus, there's always something crazy waiting to be found. And now, thanks to (, there's a one-stop shop which showcases eBay's best.

“Think meets Ripley's Believe it or Not,” said owner On Ouchs. “I've created a place where people worldwide can submit and vote on the best eBay auctions out there. . .and if their submissions are popular enough they can win $100.”

Ouchs has created an incentive which helps drive Bidzii's unique content. At the end of each month, the user with the most points (points are based on the auction stories a user submits and the votes that submission receives from other users) will win $100, but Ouchs didn't stop there.

eBay users who may have never even heard of Bidzii can win a cash prize as well. The auction at the end of the month with the most points, will also receive a $100 prize.

“If an auction is popular enough, and it has more points than any other submission that month, I will personally award the creator of the auction with $100 via PayPal,” said Ouchs. “The auction creator doesn't even have to be a user of Bidzii to win.”

Ouchs added that Bidzii doesn't just focus on the unusual auctions that eBay has to offer. It also brings industry news, scams, and celebrity auctions to the attention of its visitors.

About is a social voting site, much like, which features the best and most unusual auctions on eBay. Bidzii holds a monthly contest for its members and awards $100 cash (sent via PayPal) to the user with the most points at the end of each month. There are three ways for users to receive points: by submitting auctions, by votes received and by votes given. For more information, please visit:

On Ouchs