Web Security: Bitpalace Provides SSL/TLS Certificates to Web Space Customers Free of Charge

Webhosting service Bitpalace provides its web space customers with a free SSL/TLS certificate for each of their domains. The certificate issued by the “Let’s Encrypt” initiative of leading IT-companies works with all commonly used web browsers and allows Bitpalace’s web space customers to make their domains tap-proof with the help of SSL/TLS.

Chicago, IL, January 10, 2016 --(PR.com)-- SSL ("Secure Socket Layer") and its successor TLS ("Transport Layer Security") are standards used by reputable websites processing client and banking data. This includes order forms in online shops as well as scheduling and booking inquiries. Web connections secured by the SSL/TLS standards ensure tap-proof communication between websites and their users.

However, many website operators balk at high annual costs incurred by the use of SSL/TLS. Securing a domain with the “https://” prompt requires a dedicated SSL/TLS certificate issued by a trust center. This service comes at a considerable expense ranging from 50 to 100 Euros annually for a simple certificate. SSL/TLS certificates that not only secure the domain but also verify the website owner, can cost hundreds of Euros. Trust centers levy additional fees for subdomain certificates.

Internet service provider Bitpalace and the “Let’s Encrypt” initiative believe this to be unnecessary. “Let’s Encrypt” has one simple goal: making the internet more secure. For this reason Bitpalace now provides a free SSL/TLS certificate signed by the “Let’s Encrypt” trust center for each of its customers’ domains in all shared hosting web space accounts. With a simple mouse click, Bitpalace’s web space customers can now activate SSL/TLS and the individual certificate. The setup process only takes a few seconds and the certificate is compatible with practically all commonly used web browsers.

About Bitpalace:
Bitpalace is the Anglo-American brand of Bitpalace GmbH, Germany. Since 1990, the company has been developing into a leading provider of systematic internet solutions and today operates web servers for international, almost exclusively commercial customers. The portfolio includes software development and web hosting services as well as personal support for each customer.



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