Zudo Group Launches The Science of Genius Travel Bag Brand

Dallas, TX, January 10, 2016 --(PR.com)-- Zudo Group, LLC, a holding company of fashion brands, today announced its first bag launch, The Science of Genius™ brand, born out of the inspiration for the wanderlust creatives who love to travel and seek the arts.

The meaning behind The Science of Genius (TSOG) stems from scientific studies showing that creative minds share similar traits: love of the arts, persistence against skepticism and rejection, and a constant flow of imagination. TSOG’s mission is to bolster creative individuals who exemplify these qualities to constantly explore their creative genius through movement, travel, and discovery.

TSOG’s product line consists of four styles with functional and customizable compartments catered to any creative who wants to store his or her tools of the trade. Carlos Zuniga, Co-Founder and Creative Director, says, “We're explorers of creative ideas and whatever type of creative you are - street artist, photographer, producer, and the list goes on - we want to encourage those creatives to seek new experiences.”

Manufactured with 100% leather, the bags are detailed with finishes from vegetable tanning and customized colors, resulting in unique shades and tones. All zippers are produced by the most trusted Japanese zipper manufacturer, YKK. Other materials consist of waterproof canvas, cotton, and polyester.

About Zudo Group

Zudo Group, LLC is a holding company of fashion brands founded by Carlos and Susan Zuniga. The founders seek to share a movement in a brand that will bring solidarity to people like them—the ever-exploring creatives. TSOG is their first bag brand that hopes to fulfill that endeavor. Customers can shop the bags at www.thescienceofgenius.com.
Zudo Group, LLC
Susan Zuniga