Return to Work Program Provides Support and Hope for the Unemployed

Long Beach, CA, January 10, 2016 --( The Ask Sharifah Community’s Return to Work Program assists people who are having difficulties finding employment as well as those who want to start their own business. The program’s services are designed to provide both tangible and emotional support for people who are facing this challenging and often difficult phase in life.

"It is only natural for people who are out of work to have feelings of hopelessness or even depression and not know where they can turn to for help," said Business Consultant Sharifah Hardie. "Almost everyone feels down at some time while searching for a job, but there are very concrete steps that anyone can take to lift their spirits and begin building a better future. No one should lose hope because there are programs available, like the Return to Work Program, that offer support and assistance to people who are searching for a job or starting their own business.”

Noted Psychologist Dr. Keisha Holley Johnson of Jacobs Ladder Psychological Services, PLLC offers the following measureable vocational and educational goals for people who are re-entering the workforce or searching for a new job.

Explore educational or training options

Earn a G.E.D.

Consider returning to school

Take specific training course applicable to the field of interest

Create a resume and have it reviewed and critiqued

Identify at least two people to serve as professional references

Be free of any behavior that could result in not getting a job offer or loss of a job

Scan the job market to determine areas of interest

Submit applications to jobs that align with skills and experience

Become an active member of a local club or organization

Dr. Johnson also recommends developing a strong support structure to assist in working through any difficult situation including unemployment. Mentors and confidants can serve as a sounding board for advice, a resource for information, someone to celebrate successes with or share frustrations and disappointments with.

Supporting and mentoring people to achieve their goals and re-enter the workforce, the Return to Work Program is a resource that anyone can turn to discreetly for many forms of job assistance. The type of services offered includes resume creation and review, help in the job search process and identifying potential jobs, interviewing techniques and practice, professional mentorship, business plan creation, funding assistance, business set up services, or simply having the proper clothes for an interview. The Return to Work Program is fully supported through donations and contributions.

For more information about the services available from the Return to Work Program, the Ask Sharifah Community or to contribute to the Return to Work Program, please visit or call +1-888-295-4811.
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