Parkinson’s Patients in India Need More Resources, World Parkinson’s Program Emphasizes

A Canadian based non-profit organization, World Parkinson’s Program, held a seminar in Delhi, India to lecture about Parkinson’s disease. The lectures included multiple topics, and included a question and answer period. Those who attended included physicians, neurologists and other healthcare professionals from India.

Toronto, Canada, January 10, 2016 --( World Parkinson’s Program held a Parkinson’s Seminar in Delhi, India on December 28th, 2015. Four advocates of World Parkinson’s Program including a Toronto physician, Dr. M.A. Rahman traveled to India to give lectures about Parkinson’s disease. The seminar was held with cooperation of Dr. Madhuri Behari, a neurologist and top Parkinson’s expert in India. Multiple lectures about various aspects of Parkinson’s disease were delivered to Parkinson’s patients and caregivers followed by question and answer sessions. The need for more resources to help Parkinson’s patients especially in a country like India where millions of individuals are living below the poverty line and hundreds of thousands of Parkinson’s patients are not able to afford the cost of their treatment was empathized. The seminar was attended by Indian physicians, neurologists and other healthcare professionals, caregivers, Parkinson’s patients as well as members of general public.

Since millions of Parkinson’s patients in India are not able to afford their medications, walkers or canes; hence this complicates course of their disease. Parkinson’s medications, walkers and canes are the essential tools of every person affected with Parkinson’s disease and World Parkinson’s Program is dedicated to equip all Parkinson’s patients with these daily necessities. World Parkinson’s Program donated a shipment of quad canes, and Parkinson’s disease brochures in Hindi, Urdu and English to educate Parkinson’s patients and caregivers in India about various aspects of Parkinson’s disease so they can better cope with effects of this neurological condition.

World Parkinson’s Program is a Canadian based non-profit organization which aims to help facilitate diagnoses, provide care & essential supplies free of charge to Canadians and disadvantaged citizens suffering with Parkinson’s disease globally.
World Parkinson's Program
Peter Kusiak