Stay Connected on Segway Inc’s New Social-Networking Website

In an exclusive SegwayToday.Net podcast, the marketing and communications team at Segway Inc, the manufacturer of the eco-friendly Segway Personal Transporter, publicly unveiled the company's plans for the "Segway Social," an exciting, new social-networking website to be launched in early 2008.

Irvine, CA, December 23, 2007 --( Segway enthusiasts around the world will soon have a new, centralized way to keep in touch with other owners of the Segway PT, and that way is the Segway Social.

SegwayToday.Net got this exclusive scoop from representatives of Segway Inc while the panel answered a host of questions submitted by Segway owners worldwide for this much-anticipated podcast episode.

The Segway Social, a social-networking website that will launch in early 2008, will make it easier for Segway owners to stay connected by offering a centralized location to meet up with other Segway enthusiasts in their local communities, swap stories and tips, share photos, and map out their favorite glides.

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Todd Masinter