Cosmic Watch App: The New Dimension of Time

Cosmic Watch app, the abstract concept of time becomes a tangible experience on any mobile phone and tablet. This technical innovation made in Switzerland leads the astronomical clock into the digital age.

California, CA, January 11, 2016 --( The astronomical clock is regarded as the most sophisticated form of time measurement: in addition to the location of the sun and the moon, it shows the phases of the moon as well as the positions of the planets.

Thanks to this development from the watchmaking country of Switzerland, the astronomical clock has now made the leap into the digital age: as of now, the new Cosmic Watch app can be downloaded for Android and iOS. For the first time worldwide, the astronomical clock is represented in a new dimension - interactively and in 3D.

Realistic view of the universe

The Cosmic Watch app shows the local time at every location worldwide - just touch the place on the depicted globe to indicate the time. The watch is also an astronomical navigator, an armillary sphere (machine of the world), a radix chart, time travel machine, solar system simulator and eclipse detector.

This is why the Cosmic Watch can show the position of the sun as well as the moon in the zodiac as well as the place and time of past, present and future solar eclipses and other celestial constellations. It allows viewers to view space from a realistic perspective based on their location. Unlike the mechanical astronomical clock, which has been around for over two millennia, the app offers a tangible representation of the solar system and the universe in 3D and makes the user the center of the cosmic movement.

Entertaining and educational

The Cosmic Watch combines timekeeping, astronomy, and astrology in a unique instrument, which raises awareness of the interrelationships between time and motion of celestial bodies in a playful and entertaining way. This makes the app ideal for the transfer of knowledge, for example in schools.

The Swiss development by Eduardo Santana and Markus Humbel was launched by Celestial Dynamics AG. The Cosmic Watch is available as an app in the App Store as well as in the Play Store for a price of 4 Swiss francs. Also under way is the production of the Cosmic Watch Eclipse (wall clock) and Cosmic Watch Vision (table clock).

Both consist of a high-end touch screen, which is enclosed in an elliptical aluminum frame.
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