World Parkinson’s Program Strives to Improve Parkinson’s Care Around the Globe

World Parkinson's Program held its annual seminar in Toronto, Canada. The seminar was attended by both patients and healthcare professionals to discuss the situation faced by Parkinson's patients around the world. The focus was on patients in underdeveloped countries who cannot afford medications, walkers or canes.

Toronto, Canada, January 12, 2016 --( World Parkinson’s Program held its Annual Parkinson’s Update 2015 Seminar on December 19, 2015 in Toronto, Canada. Multiple lectures about various aspects of Parkinson’s disease were delivered. Speakers highlighted the grim situation faced by Parkinson’s patients in various parts of the world. The seminar was attended by healthcare professionals, caregivers, Parkinson’s patients as well as members of general public.

Speakers also emphasized that millions of Parkinson’s patients in Africa, Asia, South America and other underdeveloped countries are not able to buy their medications, walkers or canes; hence they suffer with multiple Parkinson’s disease complications including falls. Parkinson’s medications, walkers and canes are the daily necessities of every person affected with Parkinson’s disease. World Parkinson’s Program aims to equip all Parkinson’s patients with these daily essential tools so they can fight challenges of Parkinson’s disease effectively. Parkinson’s disease affects 100,000 Canadians and about ten millions individuals worldwide. Launch of special campaign to promote awareness of Parkinson’s in Canada, and other parts of the world was announced by Armand Gilks, the chair of World Parkinson’s Program. World Parkinson’s Program also provides multilingual Parkinson’s disease brochures to educate Parkinson’s patients and caregivers about various aspects of Parkinson’s disease so they can better cope with their symptoms and learn effective strategies to fight this disabling illness.

World Parkinson’s Program is a Canadian based non-profit organization which aims to help facilitate diagnoses, provide care & essential supplies free of charge to Canadians and disadvantaged citizens suffering with Parkinson’s disease globally.
World Parkinson's Program
Peter Kusiak