Smart Home Joe Releases New Informational Website on Buying and Selling Homes in Virginia

Smart Home Joe, a Northern Virginia realty guide, has released new online resources for new and existing consumers interested in selling a home in Virginia. The new resources will help inform consumers before they begin the arduous task of selling their home.

Fairfax, VA, January 13, 2016 --( Smart Home Joe, a Fairfax realtor, has released new online resources for Virginia home sellers. Selling a home in Virginia is a complicated, detailed and time-consuming process. There are many factors to consider when selling a home and it's wise to use an experienced agent who understands the Virginia market. Homeowners considering selling their home now have access to Smart Home Joe's online resources that will help them prepare before making the decision to sell.

The new online resources detail the Virginia home-selling process and the role of the seller's agent. The agent will help eliminate buyers who are not pre-qualified for a mortgage. An agent will handle the activities that are time-consuming but necessary like closing a deal, appraisals, inspections, negotiations, and the final paperwork. An agent can also help homeowners prepare the vital seller's disclosure- a written document that indicates all the pre-existing imperfections and details of the home.

Visitors to the new online resources will find additional information on listing alternatives, and can learn about the home-selling process from the beginning to the final phase and how an agent can help with each of the following activities:

- Final Offer - an offer might be lower than the owner's asking price. An agent can help negotiate and deal with items like differing terms, closing dates, contingency conditions, inspection waivers, personal property desired, and counteroffers.

- Finalizing the Purchase Agreement - the purchase agreement is a binding legal document that an agent can help the seller prepare.

- Negotiating Post-Contract - an agent will negotiate with a buyer if the home inspection shows defects in the property.

- The Closing - an agent will help navigate the final stage of the selling process where seller and buyer complete the sale.

Selling a home in Virginia is a complex process and it is highly recommended that homeowners work with an experienced and trusted real estate agent who can help them navigate the many activities involved in the process. Joe Regotti of Smart Home Joe, has extensive experience and a proven track record of selling homes in Virginia. A homeowner interested in putting their home on the market can access Smart Home Joe's new online resources to learn more about the home-selling process.

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