World Congress Announces Agendas for Health Plan Consumerism Congress

Boston, MA, January 13, 2016 --( World Congress has announced the agendas for the Health Plan Consumerism Congress. Health plan marketing, sales and innovations experts convene at this two Summit Tract event to discuss and discover the best consumer-centric strategies to transform digital marketing, engagement, product design and sales in today’s health insurance market.

Health Plan Innovation through Consumerism Summit highlights include:

· Design post-enrollment engagement campaigns and offer decision support tools to aid consumers in making informed health care decisions
· Create relationships rooted in trust through social media communications, community engagement, physician partnerships and consumer-centric advertising
· Build retail oriented teams with the right skills and disposition to support an effective digital strategy
· Develop your market strategy to lay the foundation for sales to flourish
· Translate consumer insights into business outcomes

Medicare Marketing and Sales highlights include:

· Discover new highly-cost effective approaches to video
· Cross-train staff to more effectively serve members
· Create messaging that will turn a lead into a sale
· Get the best ROI by having sales and marketing collaborate as a unified front
· Link product features to how they benefit your beneficiary audience
· Use mobile retail units to reach target demographics, increase brand awareness and improve enrollment rates
· Communicate and capture dual eligible population

The summit is a must-attend for marketing and sales executives to discover innovative strategies to engage today’s health care consumer. This event typically gathers 300+ health plan professionals and will sell out.

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