SnApp Successfully Builds 1,000 Mobile Apps in One Day

SnApp, developers of mobile applications for real estate agents, has successfully built 1,000 mobile apps in one day, using its mobile development platform.

Los Angeles, CA, January 13, 2016 --( SnApp has built a platform that enables mass-development, deployment and update automation, and a host of other features. Small to medium sized businesses sign up to have their app created, and then pay for any number of customizations. There is a setup and monthly fee based on the type of app and features utilized. SnApp also develops fully custom apps from the ground up, starting at the MVP stage up to enterprise level solutions.

SnApp has recently begun signing up resellers, in the form of other real estate technology startups, as well as some well known brands, who license the SnApp mobile app development platform, and sell it to their customers. Due to the vast amount of VC capital that has been invested into real estate technology in the last 12 months, the company is fielding an increasing number of requests from these startups in the real estate tech world, who want to build out their MVP, or "minimum viable product". SnApp operates effectively with these beginning-phase ventures, some still bootstrapped with no seed-funding, to only build what is absolutely essential, to take the product to launch and generate traction.

As a result of this new affiliate program, the company recently picked up a major reseller in the real estate technology sector, who needed 1,000 mobile apps built for its customers. The list was imported into the platform, including all of the information necessary for MLS integration, agent's information, and all details required to make their apps function. The platform has built the apps flawlessly in iPhone and Android format, and is currently being deployed for download.

Because SnApp is an independently operated startup itself, which was bootstrapped by its founders, CEO Colin O'Brien and CTO Charles Zivko, the group fundamentally helps customers to prove the need for additional development, in the form of traceable milestones, to prevent "over-developing" too early in the process.

CEO Colin O’Brien states, "A significant portion of your early-stage development budget can be exhausted prematurely, with unproven features, if you let assumptions guide your development schedule. We prefer to understand the playing field and to provide clear logic to support the cost of additional development. That balance falls somewhere between being aware that your customers or users may eventually want new features, and waiting until you are bursting at the seams, or until you can't afford not to make that (now crucial and urgent) update."

SnApp will continue to work with real estate agents and brokers, as well as other business-types, in further developing their innovative platform, and helping these professionals grow their business effectively.

About SnApp:
SnApp builds mobile applications for businesses, including real estate agents and brokers. The company is based in Los Angeles, California.
Aileen Balbino
SnApp builds mobile applications for real estate agents and brokers.