Announcing NAWRB’s Diversity and Inclusion Leadership Council (NDILC) Chairwoman

Irvine, CA, January 14, 2016 --( The NAWRB Diversity and Inclusion Leadership Council (NDILC) is proud to announce Rebecca Steele as their newly appointed chairwoman.

Steele is the Founder and CEO of Steele Advisory and Services, LLC. and brings with her over 20 years as a financial industry expert working with the nation’s largest banks.

As a woman with experience in executive decision-making roles, Steele is uniquely aware of the challenges women face in the C-suites of America; as the only American mortgage lender executive found civilly liable for her role in the 2007 housing crisis, which is now under the Federal Appeal process, she is familiar with the inequality working women endure, and continues to fight for truth and justice.

As the NDILC chairwoman, Steele will focus on increasing opportunities for women in the workplace, teaching women to successfully navigate the competitive business world and creating a diverse network of women in support of one another.

“I am honored and energized to lead this successful group of women executives in the financial and real estate industries,” Steele states. “We will share, better understand the impacts of, and develop good solutions to assist our industry in promoting diversity for all women. The focus of our Council will be to develop women’s diversity best practices that will be adopted by many leading companies and executed broadly across our industry. These practices will help women at all associate and leadership levels enhance our financial services and real estate businesses in the future.”

The housing continuum has been critically lacking women in upper management and the utilization of women-owned suppliers across their platforms. While Dodd-Frank Section 342 created the Office(s) of Minority and Women Inclusion (OMWI), the overall act lacks defined regulations for the accountability of the regulated entities. NAWRB’s Diversity and Inclusion Leadership Council (NDILC) is championing all financial institutions, servicing companies, secondary mortgage markets and associated real estate services to increase their diversity and inclusion efforts. As a collaborative community, women must improve their respective industries and ultimately secure sustainable growth.

The National Association of Women in Real Estate Businesses (NAWRB) is the most visible women’s trade association specializing in the housing economy. NAWRB is dedicated to providing women the tools and opportunities for economic growth and expansion, while advocating and promoting women-owned businesses in housing. We are the only third-party industry-specific certifier of Women-Owned Businesses (WOB) and Minority Women-Owned Businesses (MWOB) in the housing economy.
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