Katrina Survivors Take on E-Mission

New website designed by & for Hurricane Katrina survivors & rescue workers.

New Orleans, LA, December 23, 2007 --(PR.com)-- Two years after a disaster still in America's consciousness, what may be the first community-current affairs website designed by and for all Hurricane Katrina survivors (former evacuees) & rescue workers worldwide - katrinaconnection.com - has been launched in New Orleans, with a universal target market of anyone affected by the storm. Today, spam abounds on other sites which saw busy traffic as missing persons boards and links were the trend in late 2005.

This site's new owner is a New Orleans area evacuee who helped create the Red Cross missing persons database immediately after the storm. "I've wanted to do something else to benefit other victims ever since then," he said.

Formerly one of many which cropped up at the height of the Katrina crisis, katrinaconnection.com, is not a non-profit and does not seek or solicit donations. It is now a current affairs-community site offering a free forum for discussion of Katrina-area related issues; active help links to many agencies and organizations currently providing various types of assistance to survivors of the storm; local feeds of breaking & current news from New Orleans area media; news features; survivor stories, and more. Visitors can also submit their pictures and stories.

An objective of the Yahoo-hosted website is to push for indefinite investigations into identifying the dead and the search for anyone still reported as missing from the storm, and the site will post reports on the topic.

Plans for katrinaconnection.com include upgrades in design, more website features, more news feature articles, and keeping advertising to a minimum. For more information, visit www.katrinaconnection.com, or e-mail info@katrinaconnection.com.

Contact: Wayne Filmore
Phone: (504)214-4386
E-mail: wfilmore@katrinaconnection.com

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