ResearchFox Disrupting the Market Research Report Industry with Their Unique Digital Subscription

Bangalore, India, January 15, 2016 --( ResearchFox Consulting, an upcoming market research firm headquartered in Bangalore, India has released a digital subscription model to track emerging technologies across the globe. Offering market research services since 2012, the company ventured into syndicated research in the later part of 2013 and has gained quite a reputation in the industry mainly due to the quality of their reports. With an attractive pricing of USD 1000, the company intends to disrupt the consumption pattern of this volatile industry. While many enterprises have voiced their concern over quality of reports and the price being quoted by major companies, ResearchFox has been successful in gaining attention of global audiences with their low-price-high-quality research reports.

Keep a Tab on Technology Markets without Burning your Wallet
Companies are often driven with the need to diversify, to expand and to know more about the competition. ResearchFox offers all of this under one roof named as ResearchCafe - digital delivery platform for reports. One of the major reasons for syndicated research to witness questionable enquiries has been the hierarchical follow up required to buy expensive reports, especially in an enterprise-level firm. Priced nominally, ResearchFox believes anyone across the hierarchy can buy their reports and utilize the information for their betterment. Emerging technologies have always been exciting prospects to know more, however, when investing in these technologies, it is imperative to gain firsthand knowledge. Accessibility to information quickly will increase the possibility of an expedited decision making process and provide much needed relief to the entire value chain.

With a present portfolio of 800+ reports across 10 technology segments and major industry verticals, the subscription model will only add to a company’s repository and serve as a one-stop solution for quick and easy access. Understanding technology at finger tips is one of the mantras of ResearchFox and expects to deliver the same by adding features more frequently than ever before. Present features include the likes of customized PDF download, interactive competitive intelligence and subscription based pricing. A quick update mechanism is in place for any data revisits that will happen over a period of time.

“We understand the value of information and the grind that employees undergo seeking approval in buying a research report. Heavily priced reports are always a bane to information seekers in the industry. We, at ResearchFox are trying to help employees at all levels in the hierarchy by offering reports which can be bought immediately out of one’s pocket without the need for approval,” says Pranab Sen, Partner at ResearchFox Consulting. He continued stating, “built on the concepts of machine learning and big data, ResearchCafe offers an intuitive yet seamless report delivery experience.”

Research team at the company validated the point that companies are looking for cost-effective report consumption solutions for faster decision making.

Having served the technology industry for more than 10 years as Han Digital Group of Companies, ResearchFox has been instrumental in offering niche services across all stages of industry ecosystem. Startups have benefitted with the expertise provided in helping develop investor pitches and ResearchCafe acts as a helping hand in learning about emerging markets firsthand. Other research services include idea testing, customer acceptance studies and many more.

About ResearchFox
ResearchFox is an International market research company from Bangalore, India with focus on delivering high quality research services to business professionals, organizations and individuals through knowledge driven research methodology. We provide first-hand data services & reports on various industries, technologies, market parameters and key competitors in the industry thereby giving rational forecast on market trends to help clients identify prospective growth areas and gain competitive edge. Established as SBU of Han Digital group in 2009, ResearchFox was officially incorporated in 2012. We provide niche market research services which go beyond client - vendor transactions/ interactions by not only paving way for strong relationships but also creating a healthy ecosystem for actionable decision making.

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