Millionaire Dating App Luxy is Calculating the Worth of Its Users and Then Auctioning Them for Dates

San Francisco, CA, January 19, 2016 --( In a bid to prove that it really does have the world’s most good looking singles, Millionaire dating app Luxy ( is calculating the worth of its users and then auctioning them for dates.

Since launching in 2014, Luxy has witnessed more than 500K downloads in less than six months, has matched more than one billion singles and has a few marriage success stories under its designer belt too. Known for its arrogance and unapologetic vetting process, Luxy provides a luxury service for the world’s most successful and attractive.

And now it’s auctioning its users? The source, who wishes to remain anonymous, said that Luxy is starting its very first Millionaire Dating Auction, allowing non-Luxy members to bid to date a Luxy elite. Firstly, Luxy will calculate the worth of the users who volunteer themselves for auction. Luxy has developed an algorithm to determine how much a user is worth based on their income, properties, social connections and education. If any user is worth below $1M, according to the algorithm, they wont be put for auction but thrown in as an insurance to the bidder - if the bidder didn’t like the date they won, they get to choose someone worth below $1M for free. The source says that every user that has put their name forward for auction has agreed to this.

As an app that caters to the world’s top 1% and requires users to earn north of $200k, bidders will be digging deep into their pockets to date one of these high flyers. But what’s the difference between Luxy’s Millionaire Dating Auction and getting an escort? “This isn’t about sex,” said the source, “Luxy users are successful and attractive, they’re who you wish you could date. Unfortunately though, if you don’t make the cut to get membership, dating someone with Luxy calibre is unlikely, until now.”

Luxy plans to hold an auction where its users are willing to go on a date with someone outside the app, whether they meet the Luxy standards or not. “Luxy wants to open its doors to the world. If you can afford a date with one of the most beautiful people on the planet, you’re in,” the source said.

The starting bid has not been formally revealed yet but the source said that Luxy isn’t just going to accept any price, “Luxy users find out how much they are worth, then decide how much they’re willing to accept to go on the date, but it’s a $10k minimum.” Despite wanting to reach more of the population, this auction is only for those who have at least six figures in their bank account.

“Bids have been placed already. The auction hasn’t started yet but people are so desperate to go on a decent date, Luxy has already received bids from non-Luxy members. That’s what sparked the whole idea,” said the source.

Although taking part in this dating auction increases the likelihood of going on a Luxy date, the bidder only gets to date one Luxy member. If more dates are desired, it might be worth bidders hedging their bets and sign up to Luxy.

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