Break Away Belize Travel Announces 2016 Whale Shark Diving Dates

These giant, gentle creatures travel to the Gladden Spit Silk Cayes Marine Reserve to mate and feed on the spawn of Mutton and Cuberra snapper. The best time to see these creatures are 4-5 days after the full moon. Divers can get an up close look at these majestic sharks and also thousands of other reef fish and sea animals.

Corozal Town, Belize, January 16, 2016 --( Although they can grow up to 40 feet long, whale sharks are some of the most gentle and playful creatures in the ocean. Visitors from all around the world come to Belize to get a special chance to dive with and interact with these majestic creatures as they rise from the deep to feed on tiny surface plankton and shrimp.

Whale sharks are a migratory species of fish, and circumnavigate the globe every year as they follow shoals of plankton and other sources of food. Between April and May, schools of whale sharks arrive in the waters off of Belize, where they rise to the surface to feed in and around the Belize Barrier Reef, as well as perform their yearly mating rituals. The warm ocean currents of Belize at this time of year make it the best opportunity anywhere in the world for divers to interact with and have a close-up experience with whale sharks.

Gentle Giants of the Deep
Although whale sharks are classified as the largest species of fish on the planet, they feed on plankton and the tiny spawn of some fish species, so they pose little risk to human divers. Because of this, whale sharks are generally gentle and playful when interacting with humans, allowing divers a truly unique opportunity to get close to these magnificent animals. Every April-June, over 20 different fish species lay their eggs in the shelter of the Belize Barrier Reef, which attracts the migrating schools of whale sharks to the area.

Your Chance to Swim with the Whale Sharks
Because whale sharks feed in a protected biosphere area, only a limited number of tour operators can guide visitors to swim with these animals. Break Away Belize Travel has a limited number of slots for visitors who want to dive with whale sharks, and they offer special whale shark diving vacation packages at affordable rates.

Whale sharks rise to the surface to mate and feed only around the time of the full moon, so opportunities to see these gentle giants is limited. In 2016, the only opportunities for whale shark diving in Belize are:

March 23-April 3 (full moon: March 23)
April 22-May 3 (full moon: April 22)
May 21-June 1 (full moon: May 21)
June 20-July 1 (full moon: June 20)

Whale Shark Diving in Belize

Break Away Belize Travel offers complete whale shark diving in Belize packages off the coast of Gladden Spit. Located in the heart of the Belize Barrier Reef, the largest coral reef in the Western Hemisphere, the waters off of Gladden Spit are the best location to interact with whale sharks. Break Away Travel works along a PADI 5 Star dive center, with experienced dive instructors and top quality dive gear.

If you’d like to experience the unique opportunity of Whale Shark diving in Belize with the magnificent sharks, Talk to Us ( to combine additional days, inland tours, We are delighted to assist you in crafting that perfect custom vacation package to Belize.
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