Pur Java Coffee Launches Kickstarter Campaign

Lincoln, NE, January 18, 2016 --(PR.com)-- The Basket Is Full, Inc. today announced that it will launch its “Kickstarter Campaign” at 6:00 pm CST. U.S. producer of Pur Java products is expanding its self-distribution territories in three states as it continues to accelerate the pace of growth in 2016.

After several months of researching crowdfunding sites, The Basket Is Full, Inc. selected the Kickstarter community for their crowdfunding needs. The company feels that the Kickstarter crowdfunding community platform aligns with their outreach strategy of building a better community infrastructure of products that are centered around people getting to know each others identities, desires and life experiences. The Kickstarter filtering process helps to ensure the company has a high quality, successful campaign that will move their vision forward. In September of 2015, the company took their improved Pur Java concentrate and Joe Fizz Coffee Soda to Hy-Vee Inc. supermarket, Health Food Associates/Akins and Vitamin Cottage/Natural Grocers stores. After signing proper vendor agreement, they began to supply the chain stores with their products in the Midwest Area and they all celebrated their largest commercial deals. “Together with the crowdfunding community as our partners, we can change the landscape of the U.S. Beverage Industry,” said Primo Galicia, president and CEO, The Basket Is Full, Inc.

"We are all excited to further advance our efforts to balance national scale and local capability, which will help us significantly increase our leadership and enhance our competitive advantage in the U.S. beverage industry,” said Primo Galicia. Six month ago, Mark Metzger, Nancy and Primo Galicia were in Lincoln, Nebraska filing incorporation documents for creation of The Basket Is Full, Inc. “We knew we had a great product and we just had to get it in front of as many customers as possible,” said Nancy Galicia. With an enduring commitment to building sustainable communities, their Company is focused on initiatives that reduce our environmental footprint, support active healthy living, create a safe and inclusive work environment for their associates to enhance the economic development of the communities where they operate.

About The Basket Is Full, Inc.:
The Basket Is Full, Inc. is a leading producer, self-distributor and marketer of Pur Java coffee beverage, tea and soda products in North America. Its brands include market leading Pur Java liquid coffee concentrate, and Joe Fizz coffee soda. The company operates a facility in Lincoln, Nebraska that service both refrigerated and shelf stable distribution systems. It supplies a wide range of customers in the grocery, convenience, network marketing, breweries and paint supply manufactures. For more information, please visit www.purjava.com.
The Basket Is Full, Inc
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