Crown Food Carts Inc Revolutionizes the Mobile Food Cart, Truck and Trailer Industry

Allentown, PA, January 19, 2016 --( Crown food carts inc announced today that it has all intentions of turning up the mobile food industry in 2016, bringing affordability and innovation to mobile vendors worldwide. Crown food carts is a leading manufacturer of pushcarts, food trucks, trailers, kiosks, concession stands, vending carts, mobile sinks and equipment, headquartered in Allentown, Pennsylvania. Crown carts has established that there industry could have the growth of any household name brand and produce the same results as GE, Maytag, Ford or Grumman. Currently, Crown food carts products could be purchased direct from the companies online shop and some products such as there highly in demand food trucks and trailers by contacting them, but also from many distributors in there newly formed network of dealers ranging from restaurant equipment suppliers to truck and trailer dealerships across the United States.

The company was founded with innovation, cost and quality in mind. Crown food carts has successfully launched and worked with many vendors to learn the industry, completed case studies and has a vision of becoming more then an average mobile vending manufacturer. The company is set out to create growth in the economy and innovate the way entrepreneurs decide the best business model for there next or current venture, whether it is food or retail. Crown believes the mobile business model is for sure the future, no borders nor limits. It is willing to bet it all this year. Crown food carts has been building large amounts of products in the recent months to provide on demand availability to there customers and a great shipping program, which the company has also partnered with UPS ground and freight to assure it's customer the lowest shipping rates available.

Crown food carts inc takes pride in customer satisfaction and crafting great products backed by a warranty and the Crown Food Cart brand. They ship there products worldwide, no matter your location they could assist building your dream mobile vending cart, truck or trailer.
Crown Food Carts
Ben Wilson