Ed Sharpe Glendale Arizona Internet Television Broadcaster Honored with Gold International Ava Award

Glendale, AZ, December 24, 2007 --(PR.com)-- CouryGraph Productions, creator of KKAT-IPTV and Glendale Daily Planet was recently honored by the Association of Marketing and Communication Professionals (AMCP) with a gold Ava Award for excellence in news.

"The advent of moving pictures over a century ago spawned a continually changing world for communicating with visual technology. Methods of capturing, recording, processing, storing, and transmitting a sequence of still images has evolved into a technological and creative art form" Ed Dalheim, chairman, advisory board, Association of Marketing and Communication Professionals explains.

He continued: "Technology continues to provide us with new ways to use moving pictures but while the messenger medium evolves, the object is still the same...using a sequence of moving pictures to entertain and inform."

The international Ava Awards recognizes outstanding work in the visual technology industry while promoting the philanthropic nature of marketing and communication professionals.

"Our team is extremely honored by this recognition," said Ed Sharpe, Director of CouryGraph Productions which created KKAT - IPTV for Glendale Daily Planet. "This award reflects the quality of our methodology and work of our engineering staff to implement unique and innovative streaming methods for local programming on the Internet. Sharpe continued, "I think our product is a result of the entire city's interest, advice and participation." In addition, Sharpe wanted to thank Bill Schreiner, who collaborated on the engineering aspects of the site.

Bill Schreiner comments "The Glendale Daily Planet, despite it’s whimsical name, is a serious social/technical experiment in local journalism." He continued. "The brainchild of long time Glendale resident, Ed Sharpe, The Glendale Daily Planet provides professional quality video journalism at the local level with global distribution."

Sharpe states "It is not just about showing news and events today. Archived footage of all of our shows will be put on file with the appropriate historical societies thus forming a 'time capsule' of video footage representing this time in the city's period of dynamic growth."

Schreiner continued: "As a volunteer engineering and I.T. technical consultant to The Planet, and long time Internet broadcaster, I consider working with Ed as a privilege and assisting in this endeavor as a public service: an experiment in true local democracy. The Glendale Daily Planet should serve as a prototype for small community Internet TV stations nationwide."

Finally Sharpe wanted to extend his thanks to other people in the newspaper, radio, television and cable industry that have counseled him and provided an example of technique and values. "I would be nothing without them" Sharpe stated.

CouryGraph Productions won the international Ava Awards (http://www.avaawards.com) for its Internet Television Channel KKAT-IPTV and Glendale Daily Planet, which are an online news source for Glendale Arizona. The international Ava Awards are for creative professionals and organizations involved in the concept, writing and design of traditional and emerging .film, analog and digital productions viewed in a wide variety of mediums - from movie screens to televisions to computer screens and mobile devices.

"The judges were impressed with the effort and use of technology in creating a truly 'local' news operation yet allowing global accessibility online" said Ed Dalheim, chairman, advisory board, Association of Marketing and Communication Professionals.

Dalheim continued "Ed Sharpe is ahead of his time. At a time when technology is instantly bringing world news to our computer screens, Ed is using the same technology to put the "local" back into news. "

Sharpe had one honorable mention also in the 2007 Ava Awards for The documentary of The City Of Glendale's Public Works Week Proclamation which he created for the city to use on the National Public Works Week website, (http://www.apwa.net/About/NPWW/2007/celebrations.asp). This video had won several other national awards.

About CouryGraph Productions / Glendale Daily Planet / KKAT-IPTV in Glendale, AZ

Glendale Daily Planet, the parent organization of KKAT-IPTV was started in 2004 as the first community journalism news site in Glendale and perhaps all of Arizona, Serving The Metro West Side of the Valley of the Sun, Glendale Daily Planet has witnessed, participated in and recorded the further rejuvenation of the downtown core, the meteoric rise of the 'Glendale Sports Empire' and the restoration of historic sections of the town.

One aspect Sharpe is most proud of is the ability to have a continuous 24/7 stream of archived footage in the player but yet, when a special event arises, have the ability to go live interrupting the pre-programmed content to cover the event. With the advent of higher speed EVDO radio cards and compact portable satellite terminals the options are limitless.

The work of Ed Sharpe from CouryGraph Productions and other participative community journalists and engineering staff may be viewed, 24-hours a day, seven days a week at www.glendaledailyplanet.com

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