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SherpaHost Makes Targeted Email Marketing Easy as 1-2-3

Las Vegas, NV, December 25, 2007 --( SherpaHost has announced a new addition to its Web-based email product line.

SherpaHost's Express Email Marketing™ product is a permission-based e-mail marketing tool that enables individuals and business owners to build and manage customer lists, create and send eye-catching emails, and monitor e-mail campaign response. Most importantly, Express Email Marketing provides the features needed to help the user comply 100% with the latest anti-spam laws.

Subscribers can be added individually or imported in bulk from an external file, and the subscriber lists can be segmented into interest groups and detailed demographic information to enable more granular targeting of campaigns. List management features allow the user to control all aspects of his/her subscriber list, including the creation of a sign-up form and links aimed at attracting new subscribers, and the option of ensuring that subscriber lists are permission-based by forcing confirmed opt-ins (double opt-ins).

SherpaHost's Email Marketing service complies with anti-spam laws by requiring that all subscribers added or imported to the Email Marketing account receives a confirmation e-mail. In addition, an opt-out link is located at the bottom of every campaign mailing, allowing subscribers to opt-out of future mailings. Subscribers who do not respond to the confirmation email or who click the opt-out link are automatically removed from your subscriber list.

Express Email Marketing includes an Image Library of more than 1,500 images, which can be used to create dazzling, eye-catching emails. Webmasters can also upload their own images to add to the library. The images are automatically resized to fit your email. No design skills are necessary to create promotional emails.

Express Email Marketing's convenient step-by-step process helps the user design and target each campaign, which can be in the form of product promotions, newsletters or announcements based on pre-built HTML templates or user-created custom HTML. Monitoring is accomplished at several levels in real time and with rich graphical reporting: Users are provided with snapshots and detailed views of subscriber activity, campaign status, campaign effectiveness, and interest-group activity.

Easy-to-use reports can track the results of your email marketing campaign. Webmasters can use the reports to track how emails were sent, how many emails were opened, how many people responded and much more. Express Email Marketing even offers webmasters the ability to send out surveys to their customer base.

Express Email Marketing features include Comprehensive subscriber list management tools, Professionally designed e-mail templates, Detailed scheduling options, List-building tools and advice, Extensive campaign response reports, Around-the-clock customer support, and Built-in features for anti-spam compliance.

The Subscriber Management tool consists of List import & export, Advanced segmentation (interest groups), Bulk list removal, Custom exporting, Activity reporting, Member profiles/history, View campaign subscriber lists, and Customizable subscriber list view.

The Campaign Designer tool consists of Personalization (e.g. Dear Mr. Smith), Quick start templates, Huge 1,500+ Image Library, Upload a Personal Image Gallery, HTML & text emails, Auto Save, Web page import, HTML import, Advanced editor, Detailed customization, Scheduling, Recipient filtering, Campaign previews, Test messages, and Spell checker.

The Surveys tool consists of 10 unique question types, Question sorting, Multi-page questionnaires, Custom design features, Link generator (text & button), HTML code for link, and Easily move questions within your survey.

The Sign Up Forms tool consists of Standard & custom questions, Question sorting, Double opt-in protection, Custom design features, Return links, Form preview, Link generator (text & button), and HTML code for link.

The Reports tool consists of Campaign responses, Survey results, Subscriber activity, Demographic drill-down, and Interest groups.

Other Features include Bounce handling, Unsubscribe handling, Opt-in confirmation, Anti-spam protection, Spam reporting links, Custom e-mail messages, and Add file attachment function.

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