Ambrosed Launches Its High Quality Online Food Ordering Service in San Francisco

Ambrosed announces the launching of its online food ordering services in San Francisco and ranks higher than its competitors as to the mastering of technology.

San Francisco, CA, January 21, 2016 --( Founded on November 2015, Ambrosed is an online food ordering service that connects consumers with a wide variety of restaurants for both delivery and pick-up. The service offers diners the ease and convenience of ordering anytime, anywhere by having direct access to local eateries and discovering new ones on the way.

Inspired by its founder, Nizar Ayadi; a web pioneer, contributor, and advocate of technology for the public good through Lifograph, Ambrosed intends to change the food industry in the US and make the world a better place through technology that empowers people to do amazing things.

Both Nizar’s vast knowledge in computer science and his experience as a restaurant owner gives him the technical and strategic advantages to make the difference in the culinary scene. Hence, Ambrosed is here to assist every new restaurateur and help him build his image and get a solid web presence to cope with a continuously changing customer base in a fast-paced world. The service enables restaurants across the country to reach more customers, grow their sales, and market their brand.

Ambrosed's mission can be summed up in one point; offering users the most rewarding food ordering experience in exciting new ways. This investment will empower the company to push boundaries and tackle new challenges.

Today Ambrosed is focused on online ordering service. Soon it will add delivery and supply distribution. As Ambrosers look forward, they zero in on what Ambrosed can uniquely contribute to the world. The opportunity ahead will require Ambrosed team to imagine a lot of what they can do for food Industry, and do new things.

Ambrosed prioritizes innovation that is centered on its core value to make the difference. This sense of innovation is reflected on the importance Ambrosed gives to technology. As the industry’s notoriously competitive landscape favors those who quickly adapt and employ digital tools, Ambrosed is developing the newest technology in the restaurant industry to help restaurant owners and managers stay competitive and serve more diners. Indeed, Ambrosed is surging ahead of the competition as to the mastering of technology by ranking higher than some of the well-established online food ordering brands in the market. According to W3 techs, a website that provides web technology surveys, Ambrosed had a technology score of 59, ranking therefore higher than GrubHub (47) and Eat24 (56). This actually says a lot about Ambrosed competitiveness and high quality dev team.

To check the W3 techs survey, please follow the link below:

*The technology score rates a site based on its technologies in a range from 0 to 100. It consists in a popularity score (how many sites use the same technologies), a traffic score (how much traffic have other sites using the same technologies) and a version score (how many sites use more recent technology versions). Quality alerts also affect the rating.

About Ambrosed
Ambrosed allows users to find and order food from restaurants that deliver or offer pickup. It was founded by Nizar Ayadi, CEO of Goodfellas LES and ProximID. Graduating from UC Berkley and CCSF, Nizar is also a previous section leader at the US Army and author of the upcoming book “How to Start a Successful Restaurant ?” ( Ambrosed is proud to have Fred Davis as an advisor. Fred is an author, media guy, tech visionary, a start-up guy for CNET, Wired, & Ask Jeeves, and an award-winning journalist (
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