MagnuFuel Device for Saving Fuel Has Been Launched Recently by MagnuFuel Inc

MagnuFuel Inc. has launched a new device which claims to reduce the vehicle’s fuel consumption and benefit the environment.

Chicago, IL, January 21, 2016 --( A USA company (MagnuFuel Inc.) has launched a new affordable device which claims to reduce your vehicle’s fuel consumption and benefit the environment. The device is called MagnuFuel and works on the principle of the magnetic field. It is known that any kind of fuel constantly changes its substance (no matter of where it is stored) because of the influence of temperature, humidity and other environmental factors. Such influence leads to extension and compression of the fuel. The hydrocarbon molecules, which are the basis of any fuel start to gravitate next to each other in а way that forms molecular groups. These molecule groups can not burn completely because part of them is out of reach of the oxygen zone. When Magnufuel is installed and the fuel passes through its zone, the magnetic-resonance frequency generated by the device scatters the formed groups to individual molecules and charges them positively. As a result, the oxygen molecules penetrate into every molecule of the fuel, which helps complete burning of fuel-air mixture. The process leads to lower fuel consumption and reduction of harmful emissions. The main part of the device Magnufuel is the neodymium magnet (NdFeB).

MagnuFuel belongs to the group of magnetic-frequency resonators. The company-creator shares a fast-growing popularity of the device in the USA and lately - in Europe as well.
Jason Lee